Social Media Exit Polls Reveal that NDA is Set to Form Government

2014 General Assembly Elections have been the talk of the town in the biggest democracy of the world since last couple of months. For the ones aiming to be at the top, the road has been marred by countless controversies and some debatable decisions. Social media has thrown itself up as a potential medium, strong enough to influence the outcome of the just-concluded elections. The general public has expressed their strong likes and dislikes towards various methods and strategies adopted by the political parties in their social media campaigning and the numbers are bound to have the final say.

The team at Simplify360 analyzed lakhs of online conversations which indicates Narendra Modi led BJP and its coalition is set to grab more than 300 of the 543 parliamentary seats in the country. Going by the numbers that have floated on the social media, the tally stands as follows:

NDA 310-342
Congress 98-127
AAP 86-117



Firstly, millions of daily online conversations on political theme were tracked and monitored. For a time frame between 1st April, 2014 and 12th May, 2014, the tweets related to major political parties and leaders were extracted. Further classification was done based on the sentiment of the tweets i.e. positive, negative or neutral and were sorted state-wise. The same methodology was followed for Union Territories (including Lakshadweep). The range is arrived at by rounding off the figures.


There has been a generous sprinkling of positive sentiment for the BJP across the country. The southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have all blessed BJP with positive sentiments with AAP and Congress hardly finding a step to maintain themselves with a miniscule presence totally overshadowed by BJP.

Eastern India also remains positive towards BJP. Although the number of seats at stake are quite less compared to other states, it is difficult for Congress and AAP to win it convincingly. The states in the western region, which are considered to be a BJP stronghold have lived up to their reputation if numbers are to be believed.

Of late, a lot of political parties seemed to be active in the northern and central states of the country, but the results show a lot of negative sentiment pertaining to AAP and Congress. It is to be noted that BJP has also manage to wipe out the regional parties by a huge margin too.

The fact that BJP has ruled the roost in almost every Indian state, will be officially out tomorrow and all the flying rumours will be put to rest.