[Infographic] What Indian Fans are Talking About Football World Cup on Social Media

JK tyres infographic

Football World Cup 2014 – has brought about a lot of action in the average sports fan’s life, furthermore, this has been spiced up with all the glamour that this sport brings. This can be seen with this interesting report, ‘Football Spiced Up’, that has been powered by JK Tyre.

From the WAGs who’ve got everyone talking and the footballers who score off the field too, which Bollywood celeb is high on football these days to the city favorites, one can catch some unique buzz on football on their microsite which is powered by JK Tyre. Not only is the content of this microsite interesting but it is also coming from a very credible source – ThoughtBuzz, which is a globally leading social media analytical tool.

The activity has been conceptualized and compiled by Ignitee and using the ThoughtBuzz tool, coupled with human analysis, to compile this report.

The data is captured in a 4 step structured process:

  1. Tracking conversations and mentions through the tool on World Cup 2014 related keywords.
  2. Analysis and interpretation of the data.
  3. Establishing trends and outcomes.
  4. All of this then gets presented on the microsite and is updated on a daily basis with fresh data.

JK Tyre Football Spiced Up Infographic