Social Samosa invited  S.Rajendran, CMO, Acer India, to talk about ‘Delivering Business Results via Social Media For Big Brands’.

Twangout is a Twitter integrated Hangout where the spokesperson answers questions asked on Twitter during a live Hangout session. Curated by Ankita Gaba, Co-founder, Social Samosa, Rajendra went on to answer various questions on the topic.

In the video, S.Rajendran has stated how Acer started off in India. Adding to that, he informed  how they realized the importance of digital space as it was one of the emerging category for promotions. He has also mentioned about their digital campaign called ‘StandForIndia’ which has a 360degrees approach to it and the overwhelming response they received for it.

To tap into the wisdom shared by S.Rajendran, watch the video:


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