Big C Mobiles Route their Social Media Campaign the Bollywood Way!

Brand Name

Big C

Agency Name

First Show Digital


• Big C Mobiles has always been involved with films – right from signing 10+ film actors as brand
ambassadors in it’s 10 year journey, to sponsoring audio launch events, their activities are strongly
integrated with the movie industry
• However, the social media for the brand wasn’t carrying the same tone. Plus the engagement
levels and activity was low and we wanted to boost engagement and spice things up!
• Hence, given that films is a strong connecting link between the Brand Big C and the customers, we
launched ‘The Filmy Campaign’ in November ‘13.

The Filmy Campaign

• The central idea is to communicate using the filmy language-the dialogues, posters and the
• We used the hit dialogues in famous films, and adapted them to mobile phones! This helped
people connect with the brands, and allowed us to run interactive contests around the movie and
the mobile, thereby enabling interaction!
• We have used this filmy approach to communicate about new phone arrivals, discount offers,
festive season schemes, etc.