Mary Kom – The Movie Teases Audiences With Multiple YouTube Promos

Mary Kom – The movie has got all Bollywood enthusiasts excited. It’s a story based on the life of an Indian boxer who goes by the same name. The fact that, the main character is being portrayed by the ravishing Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has got every one excited about the movie. Keeping up with the excitement, its social media activity seems to be buzzing with promotion. For its social media campaign the movie embraced YouTube to build the excitement.


• To hike the excitement for the movie.
• To highlight key touch points of the movie by using video content.


Apart from sharing the movie’s trailer on YouTube, which has now become the obvious and imperative activity for production houses, Mary Kom – the movie decided to tease the excitement levels of the audience by dividing the content into multiple videos of short duration (30 seconds). Each video giving insight into the movie’s plot & character personality.

The above promo is an apt presentation of the character which originates from North Eastern part of India. This promo defines the movie’s theme:

Quiet the audience’s favorite dialogue, it furthers cements the connection with the central character for fans.

All this and few more, were the teasers used to promote the movie. Each giving fresh insight and perspective to the movie and establishing the central character’s personality. Each of these teasers were also shared on their Facebook page.


The personal story of Mary Kom is unheard of, hence establishing the character’s personality through video content was a great idea. With the help of multiple teaser promos the movie was able to give a gist of its content and theme. Since the attention span on social media is quite low, using short promos and teasers was an insightful decision on the part of the production house.

Scope of Improvement

While the idea of teaser promo sounds good, it would have been of more utility if the content of the video was not repeated quite often, out of the 30 seconds of teaser almost 10 seconds of content is used revealing the poster and same footage. This may have acted as a turn off for most viewers, as they had to go through the same content over and over again.

Instead of doing 8 teaser promos the production house could have concentrated on doing less number of teaser and focused more on keeping the freshness of the content as few of the 8 promos look almost identical.


YouTube in the recent past has become a must have tool for brands in their social media marketing mix. For brands in the entertainment sector, always have the advantage since audiences crave for their content unlike other sectors. Using YouTube for promoting movies is not new to the Indian social media scenario, but as the social media platform and its audiences evolve, brands try to harness the maximum potential out of it. Bollywood being the spotlight for many movie lovers in India too tries to use it to its advantage. Only time will tell how innovative and creative Bollywood will get in using social media as a marketing tool.