Facebook Atlas Makes Indian Marketers Happy

In an update made by Facebook, Atlas Solutions will help improve online ad measurement by tracking real time activity of users about their purchases, across devices. Take a look at what the industry experts have to say about the latest development by Facebook
Abhishek Rajpurohit, Co-founder Beeing Social

“Using Facebook Atlas is the latest strategic move by Facebook to increase it’s dominance in the online market. After a massive acquisition spree, Facebook is coming up with this ad network which will surely give Google Ad Words a run for money. Facebook has always created systems which are extremely user friendly and I hope this development will help all the advertisers and publishers to help our end users better. My only cause of concern is the scepticism in users mind about the privacy of their personal data. I hope Facebook will address those issues soon.”


Rajasekar KS, Head – Content and Social Media BharatMatrimony.com
“I’m excited about Facebook Atlas because it provides marketers the ability to track interests of consumers across devices. Marketers can now measure the performance of their ad campaigns better than ever before. And Atlas promises to give fine grain data of purchase decisions made across devices. It’s likely to evolve into a good platform that can challenge Google’s Double Click.”


Angad Singh Manchanda, Co-founder / Slave Chimp&z Inc.
“Facebook Atlas is a brilliant tool in today’s very cluttered digital market, reaching out to the most relevant audience on the relevant devices since about 80% of the traffic is coming in from mobile today. It will help marketers answer the age old question of who exactly is seeing my ads and how is it exactly helping us in creating a community of relevant audience. With whatever little information we have about Atlas, we are sure it is going to help provide mobile marketing solutions which the industry needed very desperately. Rumour is, that the tool also provides e-commerce support, read – it actually tracks where the user saw the ad, which device be it laptop or handheld or tab etc and how did that affect his/her buying behaviour. If you think of it, it may accurate mobile measurement a reality. To  sum it up, I’d say it is hopefully fulfilling every digital agencies’ dream of finally having an answer to ‘How is this going to turn into sales?”


Varun Shah, Co-founder Eccentric Engine
“If used to its full potential, Atlas will help Facebook, help marketers track the ROI of their ads, something Google has mastered. Which company helps get a lower ‘Cost per Acquisition’ for Brands is something we will wait and watch. Also, it helps in seamless operability between Web and Mobile when it comes to Ad serving, something Facebook has been wanting to crack since a while.”


Deepak Gandhi, Founder, CEO Cyberkoms DGtal Pvt. Ltd.
“For brands & agencies it could be a thrilling & valuable experience to enjoy the concept of “people-based marketing” that Atlas has to offer. Facebook’s initial ‘cookie-based’ technology came with its limitations on mobile and knowing that Mobile is the Future, Atlas comes in as a boon, at the right time to cement that gap. This seems to have a potential to reassure marketers that advertising monies are being well spent.
However, for the users, I mostly see cons. Those privacy conscious users, for whom the whole experience of being tracked across various devices may be more like an intrusion and not a pleasurable experience. 
Sshhh! Facebook knows why you bought that sexy elephant design thong.
For the rest, its about enjoying the show between Google & Facebook, and as they would promise, such shows will go on.”


Deepali Naair, Chief Marketing Officer, Mahindra Holidays
“Facebook is yet to demonstrate to us how atlas works. If the reports in international publications are to be believed then at Club Mahindra, we would be happy to do a pilot to experience results through Atlas. We are one of very few Indian brands using Instagram actively and the news reports say that Instagram is already on board with Atlas. Therefore we may be able to test out the richness of information across social media platforms.”


Namrata Singh, CEO Dark Horse Media
“Atlas looks like an online-offline innovation and if it enables sales based on following the person across devices, then digital marketplace is a huge opportunity. Excited to use in a campaign esp in Digital Distribution of Content.”


Kshitij Rihal, Co-founder Adhog
“I look forward to Atlas and see how it brings more value to the entire Facebook Advertising experience. With us, Facebook Ads have almost always been significantly cheaper for sales and lead generation, compared to Google Ads. Atlas should enrich this experience further, and we are really excited about the roll out!”


Rohan Mehta, CEO Social Kinnect
“I believe Atlas will be a huge success. It brings advertisers closer to 2 of the goals that they really want i.e. customer tracking and ROI. Having said that, I still think that some of the other problems that Atlas aims to solve like tracking online ads to offline sales might be a bit far fetched, especially in a country like India. Atlas has some features that would help re-marketing get even better, I believe it might be able to address some of the drawbacks of re-marketing via Google. Some customers might find this a bit intrusive but on the whole they would benefit a lot too, by getting more of what they want. Look forward to trying it out!”
Sanjeev Nambudiri, Co-founder Midas Touch Consultants
“Facebook Atlas is looking to solve one of the abiding problems in digital advertising – measuring performance. Linking ad interactions to the FB profiles of users without the mess left by cookies could well be a sound idea. The biggest challenge though could come not from within but from outside – Ello is reportedly getting 30000 user requests per hour from people who do not want to be advertised to. Interesting times all around.”