Going Viral: Pepsi's New Video Campaign Around Diwali is Emotional & Touching

Meera Rai
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Pepsi GharWaliDiwali

Diwali has always been a great period for brands to come up with innovative campaigns that stand out and capture the attention of consumers. Over the years, many brands have tried to touch the emotional corner of their audience but very few have succeeded.

You see, brands need to break away from the conventional 'pushy' mode in order to relate the consumers to their communication. In this context, Pepsi & Kurkure's latest #GharWaliDiwali is a great example for other brands on how to strike an emotional chord with the audience.

The campaign, driven primarily by a 7-min short film, is all about family, traditional and all the love that Diwali is all about. If you haven't seen the video yet, here you go:

The video and the communication is aimed towards making people nostalgic about the time they celebrated Diwali with their parents and relatives. It is also about the tradition, bonding and the delicacies that Diwali brings with it. Also, as you can see, the video also depicts how technology has changed the way we communicate with our family.

The video is like a complete package that will resonate with anyone who is living away from his/her family. And Pepsi is giving all of them a chance to convey their Diwali wishes to their parents via their GharWaliDiwali microsite. All they need to do is to share their details and Diwali story and they can stand a chance to be one of the 50 daily winners who get to send a free Diwali gift hamper to their family.

Why This Campaign Works?

It's a delight to see a brand take the storytelling way to reach the hearts of their consumers. Pepsi did the same few months back as well with their #BackToSchool campaign. And what better way to leverage the most effective visual medium present: YouTube!

The video is good enough to be shared endlessly by friends and family members and it is already going viral as we inch closer to Diwali.

I also like the way they have subtly placed Pepsi, Tropicana and Kurkure in the video. It's neither in-your-face, nor elusive. It's there but fits in perfectly with the story instead of standing out like a sore thumb. Now that's how brands should use videos to convey their positioning and thoughts.

After #BackToSchool and now #GharWaliDiwali, I can't wait to see the next campaign from Pepsi. I am sure it'll be even better.

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