5 Best Social Media Campaigns for October 2014

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week 2014 Clubs Fashion with Tech, Gets All Droned Out

Wills Lifestyle always steals the show using technology at every show. Last year it was the RFID tags and this year it was the highly popular & most wanted GoPro drone, bringing in an element of surprise to celebrities and bloggers alike attending the show. The GoPro drone captures everything from above and from different angles letting everyone to experience the proceedings from a different light– thereby increasing the viral nature of the show. The #willsfashiondrone floated over the crowd taking videos and pictures while the suspender dropped Gift Vouchers for bloggers and influencers. The drone picked out people (best dressed, best smile, or who look like having a great time) and dropped a gift voucher for them. All images and videos were uploaded on Wills Lifestyle Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest accounts.



Strepsils Marks Its Digital Presence By Introducing #AbMontuBolega Campaign

Strepsils, had launched its first digital marketing campaign called #AbMontuBolega run by DigitasLBI. They cleverly play on their brand message in this campaign which nudges people to speak up and raise their opinion.The riding force of this campaign is the character Montu, a wise but silent spectator, who has been on occasions left mum though he wanted to. Now, with the help of Strepsils he is able to give his wisdom a voice.  #AbMontuBolega was executed brilliantly across Youtube videos and teasers  on Facebook was appraised by the audiences on Twitter. Strepsils has grasped the mentality of the society suppressing an individual’s freedom of expression and how this individual doesn’t get a chance to speak up for what is right for him/her.


Blogging Unfolds With Shopping In Quikr’s New Campaign

Diwali being the festival of lights and joy are the perfect time for shopping for your loved ones. Hence Quikr, India’s # 1 online classifieds had launched a campaign recently keeping this in mind through an activity which included shopping and blogging. Since the spending habit in India is high during Diwali, Ouickr  tapped on this rise in buying behavior as the customer is on the look for offers. The key objective of this campaign was to amplify the reach of their campaign by making customers market their brand by blogging about their shopping experience via BlogAdda. Blogging works as an effective marketing tactic that directly creates engagement with customers, swarming in huge traffic to the website & generating buzz. And with the benefit of getting assured cash back & additional prizes on winning, customers didn’t mind blogging about their shopping experience. Marketing heads can take cues from this campaign on effective marketing tactic, which will get interested customers talking good about your brand!

screenshot-www.facebook.com 2014-10-18 12-39-54


Cadbury’s #LeChaloKhushiyan Campaign Leverages Social Media for an Integrated Campaign

To strengthen their relevance with Indian festivities like Diwali, Cadbury had launched another campaign, this time focusing on the Indian Army through #LeChaloKhushiyan. The core idea was to make Diwali special for the Indian Army who miss the opportunity to celebrate Diwali with their loved ones .The execution was held online as well as offline. Three Cadbury vans started their journey by collecting all the people’s wishes for the Army by halting at three major cities in India and end their route at the Army base camp to reveal the messages. The campaign took off with a 50 seconds TVC on Youtube depicting a family surprising their son at the army quarters on the eve of Diwali. The short clip has brilliantly captured the essence of sharing sweets & chocolates with family & friends especially in the life of man who is in the armed forces. Famous celebs like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Farah Khan, Varun Dhavan, Abhisheik Bachchan have also recorded their well wishes via Youtube.

cadbury SRK wishes


Lonely Planet Encourages Tourism With India Unexplored Campaign

Lonely Planet and Sky Scanner has unleashed a campaign to enable travelers to share their experiences and win prizes of many forms. These experiences were places to shop, stalls to eat, places to visit or activities to try out. This campaign was about inviting frequent travelers across India  to share their travel experiences so that others can enjoy them too!  The campaign was initiated with teaser posts made before the launch of the campaign on social media mediums like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Lonely Planet India even changed their cover image graphics to generate interest and raise curiosity among their fans and followers. The campaign also boasted of multiple micro-contests within the duration of the 6 week campaign on social media with prizes being given out individually. This campaign helped people find places like  ‘kiranaas’ and tapris for food and the little knick-knacks on street corners that are usually hard to find by putting them on the map,thereby encouraging tourism and business.