How Black Money of India is Buzzing on Social Media?

Few days back, when the Indian government declared the names of three holders who allegedly had black money in their account, Indian masses were taken by surprise and started venting out their anger, opinions and shaming the ruling party on making false promises.

Needless to say that once again, social media was the preferred platform to fire opinions on this subject.

At Simplify360, we conducted research to find out how and in what way people are talking on this topic, and here is what we found.

1. There have been more than 74K mentions in the last 7 days with #BlackMoney (14K mentions) being the most common hashtag.

2. It is interesting to see that there have been around 5.3K mentions on black money credited to Prime Minster, Narendra Modi and another 9K mentions credited to Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley. Another 9K mentions included conversations which involved blaming Congress for the shame.

3. 8.2 K conversations appreciated BJP’s efforts towards the whole black moneyagenda and another 1.2K mentions credited the newbie, Aam Aadmi Party.

4. Geography wise, highest buzz had been produced by India at 61% followed by US at 5.5% and UK at 2.1%.

5. Males were more engaged in the topic claiming around 93% of the entire buzz while women were responsible only for 7% of the buzz.

6. English at 92% was the preferred language for discussion followed by Hindi at 7%.

7. Most of the buzz was generated by the age-group of 20-30 years, followed by 30-40 years at 32%.

8. Twitter once again was the favorite social media channel for opinion sharing- contributing 82% of the total share followed by Facebook at only 9%.