How Borosil, A Microwavable Kitchenware Got Foodies Interacting With #BeautifulFood Experience

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How Borosil, A Microwavable Kitchenware Got Foodies Interacting With #BeautifulFood Experience

Brand name:


Agency Name:

Social Kinnect

About the Brand:

Borosil is one of the Best Quality Glassware Companies in India. A market leader for laboratory glassware and microwavable kitchenware in India.

Objectives :

  • To position Borosil as a brand which makes all your food which you cook with all the efforts look even more beautiful.
  • To create interesting conversations around recipes and create a network of great food shots with Borosil products
  • Good quality content in the digital space about Borosil.


  • The digital platform has become the new hub for food obsessed people involved in Food-tography as a whole across social media platforms.

Platforms used: Facebook, Twitter, and Indiblogger


Keeping this mind, through our campaign, we planned to showcase Borosil with the simple delights of beautiful food, appealing and engaging the food lovers, food bloggers and the cooking community with a 2 phased approach.

Phase 1: Fans were asked to take pictures of #BeautifulFood and post it on the brand’s Facebook page or Twitter handle. Winners were given Borosil products.

Phase 2:

Round 1:  We launched an blogger contest where bloggers had to describe using words only and no images, a delicious mouth watering meal. The posts which inspired the most hunger won prizes and went ahead to round 2. We received about 350 blog entries in round 1 in a short span of just 20 days.

Round 2:

50 best bloggers were chosen for round 2. In this round, we sent the bloggers hampers of our products, they had to prepare dishes and serve in the Borosil products.

The bloggers had to click pictures of the amazing food they had cooked and served in borosil.

The idea was to show that food looks beautiful when served in Borosil through pictures.

The winner was selected on the best pictures and presentation. The winner received a chance to come on Zee Khana Khazana’s show - Health Bhi Taste Bhi.

Simultaneously, conversations with the top 50 bloggers were also made on Twitter to connect with them and learn about their #BeautifulFood experience.


  • Campaign received 350+ blog entries in just 20 days
  • 100% increase in Facebook engagement
  • Over 8.7 Million Campaign Impressions through Blogs.
  • Over 56.4 Brand Mentions on Twitter.
  • 50% increase in website traffic
  • Crossed 100,000 fans milestone on Facebook

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