Shah Rukh Khan Delights Fans With Voice Message On Twitter

Compared to all the hesitance of being present on social media, Bollywood celebrities now actively update fans on Twitter with the latest happenings, shooting locations, movie releases, event selfies & like to interact with fans unlike earlier. Bollywood celebs today are more vocal and proactive across social networking platforms, even if that means to acknowledge the number of followers they’ve proudly acquired on social media.

Recently Shah Rukh Khan crossed 11 million followers on Twitter and he sent out a voice message thanking his fans all over the world. He had sent out one 2 months back as well when he crossed 10 million followers.



He has also promised them that for every million fans he crosses going forward he will be thanking his fans on Twitter with his audio Tweet.



Shah Rukh Khan uses Twitter to talk about his personal and professional life as well as to get up-close-and-personal with his fans. In the past, he has also used the platform for various forms of outreach including a Q&A where he responds to his fans’ questions ​​via the hashtag #AskSrk.