Chings Chinese & Hyundai Creta: A digital opportunity to see via ShahRukh Khan’s FAN


The man who himself is an industry to the Indian film industry released the first song of his upcoming movie FAN on 16th February. Amidst all the hoopla of his Jabra song, this Indian actor is also known for his marketing skills.

In an age where the consumer is flooded with innumerable messages, it is a task for the marketer to make his communication stand out as the consumers have a very short attention span.

SRK’s film off late has become a platform for brands to own a space in his films. Brands look at this as an opportunity to leverage upon the affinity, which SRK has over his followers. His previous films were famous for over a dozen of brand integration; this time is no different either.

To start up with brand integration, Chings Chinese and Hyundai Creta have leveraged this opportunity to endorse themselves by associating with the film. These two brands enjoyed approximately 2- 3  seconds of space in the song.

Outdoor media has always struggled in terms of proving their value i.e. reach to the marketers. The opportunity to see plays a very important role in achieving brand awareness. But, with this move, we can conservatively imply that Chings and Hyundai grabbed the eyeballs of 6 million plus people on digital within a span of less than a week.

An overview of the mentions and reach on social media:

The launch of the song has already garnered 6 million plus views  (Youtube + Facebook + DailyMotion). Also, the keyword related to the song (Fan Anthem, Jabra Song etc.) received 14,000 + mentions on social media.

To top it all the hashtag #FanAnthem reached over a million accounts on Twitter (Source: Keyhole). The sentiments were majorly positive as the brand affinity towards the actor is quite high.

Well, this is just the glimpse of some of the brands that will be visible in the film and since his films are famous for over a dozen of brand integration, there is one question which needs to be answered.  Will the consumer be able to recall any of these brands which will get featured in the film? Only time will tell.

But, I feel as a marketer that in this film only those brands who will weave a story around the protagonist of the film will emerge as the winner. Otherwise, it will be a complete hit and miss situation.

The article is written by Yogesh Dwivedi, IdeateLabs.