Aditi Rao Hydari and Blush Channel twirl on social media

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Culture Machine’s women’s & lifestyle Channel ‘Blush ‘ along with Fitoor fame, Aditi Rao Hydari walked an extra mile on the occasion of International Women's Day. Not only did the video stand out, but also danced a way into winning hearts, respect and love from the netizens on social media.

Choosing to celebrate the present day and the gift of being a woman, Aditi doesn't lodge in the past and proved it with her 'Let's Dance' video for Blush Channel and Spawake.

The video begins with a woman discussing creative ideas to showcase the actress celebrating International Women’s Day. An interesting experiment with audio and visual juxtaposition; Aditi then begins her monologue in the interview, which opens a window into her world, her philosophy of life, the 5 year old inside her, and the woman she is today, all this while we see surrealistically beautiful images of Aditi dancing by herself and for herself.

Keeping in the core words like bold, unapologetic, beautiful, and brave that describe Blush Channel, Aditi Rao Hydari was portrayed in a similar manner. Showcasing her free spirit with a breathtaking dance video on Culture Machine's women’s & lifestyle channel ‘Blush’ for the Unblushed series, sends across a befitting message for all the wonderful ladies out there.

Celebrating International Women’s Day, Aditi Rao Hydari said, “We tend to dwell over our regrets, mistakes, heartbreaks and somewhere we forget to savour our present and the excitement of what lies ahead of us. We tend to play our bygone life, over and over in our heads, like a movie on loop, don't we? I don't ever want to be a victim because I am my greatest strength and if at all there needs to be a message that goes out there, it should be too, 'Celebrate yourself!' I do it through dance... Find your celebration!  That is what Culture Machine and I have tried to convey through this video for the #UnBlushedseries”.

An interview from the past, a dance for the present with a purpose towards an unknown future, all coalesce magically in this one video.

With more than 39k views on YouTube and 2.3k reactions on Facebook, Blush Channel's Let's Dance video succeeded to send a strong statement that hit hard and awestruck their audience.

The video ‘Let’s Dance’ has been supported by Spawake, a sea mineral-based skincare brand for which Aditi Rao Hydari is an ambassador. The brand was launched in India by KOSÉ Corporation, one of the largest beauty and cosmetic companies of Japan.

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