#IndVsAus encounter amplifies the social waves around #WT20

India is a kaleidoscope of cultures, lifestyles, and religions. Cricket is undoubtedly the most followed religion in India and hence the talk of the nation revolved around Team India’s quest to qualify for #WT20 semi-finals.

#IndVsAus emerged as the most popular hashtag yesterday with over 1.14 million tweets, the other prominent social media platforms as well were splurged with wishes and support for the home team. This battle for the coveted title also triggered massive conversations on social media with brands, agencies, and marketers struggling to crack organic reach on different platforms have managed to score a fortune thanks to the cricket mania.

Live commentary, witty one-liners, contextual GIF images ruled the roost throughout the match.

The engagement levels rose to an all-time high the moment MS Dhoni scored the victory runs. The socialverse was all praises for the man of the moment, ViratKohli.

“Meltwater’s new monitoring tool picked up more than 300 news articles published across the globe in last 24 hours. Digital publication NewsHunt, turned out to publish the maximum number of articles India.We saw lot of publications carried stories about how celebrities were gearing up for the match and sending their best wishes to the team,” Nitin Bhatia, Director, Agency Partnerships, Meltwater, South Asia.

Ind vs Aus report (1st half)

Ind vs Aus (News) - 2nd half

Ind vs Aus (News report - 1st half)

Ind Vs Aus (dashboard report)

“Its needless to say that the 2016 T20 World Cup is the most talked about event over digital media. We saw how #IndvsPak was the most talked about match in Twitter history. IndvsAus clash too generated a lot of Buzz over Social Media. Meltwater’s Social listening solution tracked more that 1Lakh mentions around the event during the match day. While Twitter conversations were the maximum, people spoke alot about the match over other social channels including Public Pages on Facebook, Instagram, Blogs&Youtube,” Nitin Bhatia, Director, Agency Partnerships, Meltwater South Asia.

The overwhelming outcome calls for a busy week ahead for brands, agencies, and content creators across the country. We hope that the excitement and energy traverses through social media universe keeping us glued to the second screens while the team preps up for the penultimate challenge with West Indies.