How to strengthen your brand’s positioning and increase engagement by 2000%?

This women’s day, felicitated women who have excelled in their respective fields. Not just any woman, but women who are brave enough to break the social stigma and remind us what Naari Shakti is all about.

The objective of this campaign was to inspire women and make them feel more beautiful than they already are!


What do you get when you put together ladies who rejoice their womanhood every day by not only exceeding expectations in their personal but also excelling in their respective professional lives? You get a League of 8 #Rockstar Women.

Identify and put together a theme for your campaign:

How did we go about selecting and identifying these women? A lot of thought went into selecting women with whom we could build a lasting relationship. It wasn’t just about felicitating them; the campaign was to inspire ordinary women that they are capable of extraordinary feats, just like these women! The VelvetCase team put together a league of women from 8 different walks of life!

How do you keep it engaging?

After brainstorming with the team on how to inspire and engage our target audience on the women’s day campaign we decided to have a contest, a quiz which inspired and engaged the target audience and drew a huge amount of engagement  which was as high as a 922+ % Growth in Reach: From 31.8k in Jan 2015 to 215k in 10 days (March 1-10th) and 2370+% Growth in Total Engagement: from 1.65k in Jan 2015 to 13.64k in March (10 days) by simply incentivising our audience with a reward for every correct guess:

Guess our #Rockstar Woman of the day and win a Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1000/- Gift Voucher!

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Keep them coming: Your quiz, caption everything matters! Keep it exciting and pique the interest of your target audience!

Incentivise your target audience: Provide an incentive to your reader! For every correct answer and the wanted engagement, reward your audience! Provide them with an incentive to keep coming back for more!

Your responses to the engagement on these platforms also play a crucial role to the growth in engagement! Quick replies and answers to the reader’s enquiries keep them interested and build a lasting relationship with the audience! It’s not just about this one time; it’s about building a trust of a lifetime!