The Bollywood saga, Dear Zindagi embraces social media like no other

Dear Zindagi

Nourished with three gigantic names of the industry, Red Chillies Entertainment, Dharma Productions, and Hope Productions, the movie grasped our attention with an immensely comprehensible social media presence that it built post by post.

The enchanting stars of two generations twinkling under one screen itself made the creation conspicuous. Another Bollywood drama sugarcoated with luminaries, contemporary vista and teasing of an out of the ordinary outlook towards life, Dear Zindagi has made its way.

Social media as lucrative to plenty, the same story goes for cinema today when it comes to movie marketing. The crux lies within sketching an image from scratch, building immense anticipation and igniting an emotion within the audience.

Dear Zindagi, embraces social media

Portraying undertones of subdued drama, lighthearted banter and an amusing chemistry, Dear Zindagi managed to enhance the hype through its multiple teasers that surface an unpredictable, multi-facet film despite a sophisticated star cast.

Ditching the typical Bollywood promotion, the film did not endorse itself first with a trailer, but took us through the elements of the film by putting pieces of it on display, each having a headline.

Evidently, customizing their own way of marketing a film, though the movie fails to independently leverage the platform, but their content feels more fostered in comparison to every other Bollywood cinema, for which the credit definitely goes to the digital team who managed to go beyond the expectations.

Apart from sharing unique content, this movie too stuck to the usual side by side by sharing promotional events or appearances on giant television shows such as Koffee with Karan, Bigg Boss or The Kapil Sharma Show along with the usual countdown.

Teasing the teaser on social media

Through its teasers, the film on social media puts forth the flavors of life, asking us to seize it, thus building a community for it and building familiarity with the movie. When it comes to social media, the film through their activities tapped on to its viewers, feeding them with substance to expect within the movie, yet maintaining suspense.

The teaser suggested how the character of Alia Bhatt cracks bad jokes, as they say, they’re so bad that they’re good and building up on this aspect they built creatives around it using #GoodBadJokes, subtly adopting the meme culture of the internet, trying to fit it lucidly.

Slicing the series in parts, through social media the content covered the range of elements within the movie. The essence as we decipher, revolves around the life of the youth.

Constructing more on a realistic approach through their movie, the content on their social media elevates in a more intimate, relatable manner, despite the presence of two huge stars. The look and hues of the audio-visual content itself makes it appear as of an art film rather than an exotic commercial film and all this can be deciphered by the personality that it created for itself.

Leveraging social media features

Their social media page created an event termed Dear Zindagi Take 2; though the event page lacked interaction of any sort, they still managed to garner attention by getting 1,215 people interested in the event.

Apart from this, their Facebook page was dominated by GIFs for easy consumption of data, which even aesthetically looked pleasing as they did not stick to the standard format but experimented with background.

Hopping on the live feature seems to be a trend these days everyone wishes to follow, thus getting the star to converse in real-time probably has worked the most when it comes to Bollywood fanatic nation, and predictably was followed here as well, but Shah Rukh Khan as Jug addressed his fans, acquainting his character with the world.

Audience approach

Through their posts, it became quite evident how the movie marketers built a niche target audience for themselves, the millennial. The essence of the movie event suggested how the content was directed towards this very population, accordingly their social media engagement was designed in same manner, putting up carefree Alia Bhatt a.k.a Kaira on the screen considering she falls in the same age-group, thus relatable.

Through these videos, she even gets a little preachy about life, in her own candid way, reaching out to us with just a message ‘love your life’ and the appreciable part about these posts are that they looked absolutely natural and not a scripted content just for promotional purpose.

Sparkling with bright hues, modish outfits and screaming of zest through their images, their Instagram page looks dense and informative. Except that the content is exactly similar with their Facebook, thus somewhere the brand fell short in executing creativity and absorbing the individual personalities of the platform.

One thing we noticed was how Alia Bhatt was overpowering this particular platform, with GIFs, illustrations or just casual photographs of her, thus asking us to read between lines and indicating how probably the movie is more inclined towards her.

#Repost @aliaabhatt with @repostapp ・・・ #LoveYouZindagi ❤️

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Along with these social media activities, the page also upheld a contest resonating with the overall theme of the movie, where people who loved life had to share an image using #LoveYouZindagi, the song title of the movie.

Overall, not sticking to the usual through its approach the movie managed to build a strong social media presence. This time and probably the first time it was not the stars but the direction at which the content was flowing managed to magnet attention.

Laid back, urbane, and relatable to the generation today, escaping the world of normalcy, Dear Zindagi built itself upon a more casual approach and the strength of it being relatable to the target generation, the digital marketing team of the film recognized their users thus standing upright through their content.


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