Ben must be Stoked and so are Twitterati

The best of Ben Stokes' Twitter Reactions. It is Lagaan in Reverse we tell you!

Mohammad Kanchwala
Feb 20, 2017 07:10 IST
The Indian Premier League auctions manage to make headlines every year. Headlines for the papers, and a whole lot of money for the players, and this year #BenStokes made a lot of hay while the bids shined.

Bought by the #RisingPuneSupergiants for a mind boggling INR 14.5crore, #BenStokes is not only the most expensive player this year, but also the second most expensive player ever after #YuvrajSingh, and the most expensive Overseas player in the #IndianPremierLeague.

As expected, the topic has turned out to be quite the rage on social media, as Twitter users chimed in with their opinion on this spending blitzkrieg from the Pune outfit, followed up solely after dismissing M.S. Dhoni from his duties as captain. Here are some of the wittiest and some legit Ben Stokes' Twitter Reactions.

1. Oh come on! They have already tied nimbu mirchi to Stokes

2. I don’t even wake up to 14.5 Rupees *cries in poor and untalented*

3. The proverbial ‘khushi ke aansu’

4. Fair point!

5. The other four players’ price don’t add up to Stokes’ price!

6. Another argument for sleeping until noon to avoid making bad decisions

7. I’m bad at math. A little help, anyone?

8. Stokes Ben?

9. What would Rahul baba say?

10. Predictions, predictions everywhere

11. Reverse Lagaan!

12. What??????????????????

13. You are looking at it.

14. Only time will tell..

15. *right in the Bollywood*

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