7 fail-safe tips on how to build a relevant brand on social media

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Namita Liz Koshy, Associate Vice President, Ogilvy One shared tips on how to build a relevant brand on social media.

“Digital has made things tough for brands and marketers today. A lot of hardwork is required and there is actually no magic bullet in getting things right on social media,” said Namita Koshy, Associate Vice President, Ogilvy One.

“The iconic brands leveraging social media have not yet arrived, we are at the cusp. I believe, in a year or maximum three years, we will start seeing some amazing work from brands.”

Namita Koshy explained that it is very important to spend a lot of time, in the blue printing stage, which is actually before you get down to the nuts and bolts.

"Blue printing stage is a sort of a discipliner-like how we are so self-disciplined with certain facets of our lives, brands also need to be well disciplined"

Koshy shared 7 points which every brand manager needs to remember in this social media age to stay relevant.


Every brand from the 60s has been paying attention to consumer research and insights and that can’t change. Brands need to listen and social media actually gives a lot of scope for brands to understand the pulse of the consumers. Also co-relate to what is being said online to what is being said offline about your brand. Don’t just look at the data, investigate a little deeply.

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Solving or prioritizing problems

At any given point of time, a brand will have more than one problem. The trick lies in prioritizing them and solving it accordingly.

Target a change in perception

We need to target a change in perception or behavior. We need to set goals and move towards that. Any good brand will be able to measure it in clear and absolute terms.

Invest in brand custodians

The brand custodian should know the company vision, how the brand should speak and what it shouldn’t. Only if you invest in a brand custodian, you can trust them fully and it will help your brand move forward.

Make sure your brand is differentiated or unique

The more differentiated you are from your competitor, you have actually increased the gap and your brand will emerge stronger.

Five-second simplicity

Attention is constantly decreasing today and there is so much of information around us to be consumed through different mediums.So, brands need to be really simple, because users are not going to spend more than 5 seconds in it.

Take risks

Brands need to be bold, don’t chicken out of your bold plans, jump off the bridge and if your strategy is strong, it will surely work for you.

Namita Liz Koshy, Associate Vice President, Ogilvy One shared her thoughts on how to build a relevant brand on Social Media at #SMLive organized by Social Samosa.

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