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With Diwali season approaching fast, marketers are planning their social and digital Diwali campaigns with fervor. The upcoming festive season is usually when marketing and advertising spends increase as consumer spending also rises with the onset Diwali, leading to Christmas and New Year.

Earlier this year, we had profiled an innovative new social media tool, Newsfeed SmartApps. This patent pending technology which helps brands create interactive Facebook status updates has been widely used by leading brands like Flipkart, McDonald’s, Mercedes, Nike and others. Keeping in mind the Diwali season, they share some fun and engaging interactive content ideas that brands can use to engage with their audience. Read about it below.


Light’em up this Diwali:

Newsfeed SmartApp where a user is shown different crackers that keep appearing on the screen. The user has to move an incense to light up the crackers as quickly as possible in the time allotted.

A final score will be shown based on the number of crackers lit and the number missed.

Capture the Perfect Diwali Moment:

Users will be asked to upload a picture. The next screen will have a selection menu for different frames and filters to be added (fireworks, sky lanterns, lights, flowers). Users can then download this image or get it emailed to themselves.

Light up to Burst.

A simple 2-step offer redemption app. The first screen will include a cracker that the user has to light up with a tap on its fuse. Or the user can shake their phone to burst the cracker. After this, a popup will show up revealing the offer won by the user.

There will also be a share button with which the user will be able to share the offer won with an invitation to his friends to try their luck.

Greet your loved ones this Diwali:

A newsfeed smartapp where you can pick a greeting card, write your message and post that greeting card on your friend’s wall.

The different greeting cards can have branded themes and Diwali theme’s as well.

The friend then see’s the card on their post as a newsfeed app and can create their own greetings as well.

Diwali wishlist:

In this newsfeed app users can create their own Diwali Gift. So users are given 8-10 gift choices and they pick 3 items.

The focus can either be on your brand’s product, or it can be generic gifts that can be sponsored by the brand.

Top 3 gift hampers with the message Diwali message can get their gifts actually delivered.

Uncover the Gift:

This game is a take on minesweeper. Users will be shown a grid of tiles, say 9, 16 or 25 (here’s where we can have difficulty levels: more tiles for the higher levels.). The users have to click/tap to uncover different items hidden under the grids. It could be product images, offer details, etc. Some tiles will also have crackers hidden in them.

The game ends if the user uncovers a cracker and he/she will be able to redeem the offers uncovered till that point in the game.

This will be a timer-driven game. The coupons/offers will be mailed to the users after they enter their info in the form fill section.

Flip & Match.Diwali Rummy Game:

User will see two rows of 6 cards, 3 rama and 3 ravana inside the card. Before game starts users will be shown the placement of the cards then the cards will get flipped after that users have to arrange the cards in such a way that 3 rama should come in one one row and three ravana should come in the other row.

An offer can be added. We can add in between some product related cards as well.

Diwali Quiz . Unwrap as you answer:

Simple Diwali related quiz about the festival and we can have questions about offers and products also. We can also have something interesting where after each question a gift partially unwraps and at the end of 5 questions, it’s fully unwrapped and available for redemption.

Diwali Bow & Arrow Game:

A bow and arrow will be placed on the bottom screen of the game and both rama and ravana’s head will continuously move on the upper screen staring from right to left.

users have to click on the arrow to shoot ravana not rama.

Diwali Jigasw Puzzle :

User has to solve the puzzle of ten headed ravana or any Diwali related image looking at the image which will be displayed on the left corner of the screen.

We can have a timer and leader board

Spot the Gifts in 360 –

There are 5 hidden Diwali Gifts in this image!

Can you spot them? Look around and click to bag them.

Clean up after Diwali! –

A newsfeed app where users are shown different locations like roads, few public places, etc, with litter scattered. They have to rub or wipe and the image hidden behind (same location but clean image) begins to appear.

Diwali Candy Crush:

A variation of Idea 06 where we replicate the Candy Crush interface. User has to get all the firecrackers in a row, either horizontally or vertically, to get some points. We have a firecracker collector on top to show how many have been collected so far.

User who collects the most gets a gift voucher or some sort of gratification.

Diwali Rangoli Doodle:

Since the doodle functionality is now feasible, we have users replicate some Rangoli designs within a given time. The screen is split in two where we have the actual rangoli design on top, and the outline below.

User has to fill in the outline using the cursor before time runs out. The outline will be in the form of reference dots which the user has to connect to make the design. There will have different levels.

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