How to increase traffic on a blog 101

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How to increase traffic on a blog

These basic fundamentals will help you answer the most pertinent question - how to increase traffic on a blog

Maintaining a blog is not an easy task, only those in business will know the pain of gaining readership and finding ways to engage with audience. It is indeed a challenge to draw traffic in times, when there are numerous blogs available online writing about the same domain.

According to Social Media expert, Neil Patel, companies that blog have 97 per cent more inbound links and this statistic gets stronger in 2018. So, whether you're setting up a new blog or trying to take your existing one to the next level, these basic fundamentals will help you answer the most pertinent question - how to increase traffic on a blog

1. Populate your blog regularly

It is very important to populate your blog, whether it your own blog or your company's, make sure to write more and relevant topics pertaining to your domain. The best way is to update, twice a week. If you can maintain this strategy, your blog will come up in the search engine and the chance of drawing more traffic increases.

2. Plan content that can generate traffic

Try to write about topics, which haven't been done to death. Give a fresh perspective, leave your opinion, but balance it with valid reasons. Don't attempt topics just because they were trending, instead try to be true to your own identity and audience.

3. Make the headline of your blog post attractive & engaging

The more interesting the title of your blog post looks, the chances of people clicking on to it increases. However, avoid drawing the audience's attention by using only click-bait titles, with no substance in the post. Due attention, should also be given in making the copy relevant and interesting.

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4. Concentrate on making your blog SEO friendly

In order to draw more traffic to your blog, make sure that every page on your site has a keyword strategy. So the best way is, whenever you write a post, choose one key phrase that you think readers use to find that kind of content. Next, use that phrase in the title of the post, the headline and within the content at least two times, in a featured image on the page and also as part of the page link.

5. Add social sharing-buttons

You should make your blogs extremely share friendly for the readers to share your content on the go. For this, you need to add at the top and bottom of your blog posts, share buttons for Twitter, LinkedIn and the other major social networks.

6. Always use images to your post

According to reports, Marketer Jeff Bullas cites that articles with images get 94 percent more views than those without. Not only does an image, make your blog post look more visually appealing, but you can also include keywords in the Alt Image tag on the photo, thus improving the SEO of your site.

7. Get Influencers to write for you

If you want to increase the traffic to your blog, the key is to get influencers to write for you. It involves, reaching out to the bloggers in your niche with a good social followings and the ability to write consistently good stuff, asking them to become contributors to your blog.

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8. Make subscription to your blog an easy process

Make sure your email and RSS subscription boxes are “above the fold” and easy to find. This can surely help people to easily subscribe to your blog posts and stay updated.

While, there are several strategies which one can use to increase the traffic for a blog, it is very important to understand, which strategy works best for your website and plan accordingly.

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