9 times brands added joy to Ramadan and Eid with glorious campaigns

Eid Campaigns

Social Samosa recaps some of the best Campaigns that harped on the spirit of giving & goodness, associated with the month.

A holy festival that brings friends and families together, the month of Ramadan have been leveraged by brands to connect people online. May it be sending out the message of sharing and caring for strangers or celebrating the spirit of humble souls, nothing seems to be out of scope for these campaigns. Powered by emotions, the storytelling is always compelling, an important feature to attract call-to-action in the digital world.

Here are a few of our favourite Ramadan and Eid Campaigns.


#ShararatMaaf by Sansui shows us an innocent child seeking to be a part of the Ramadan festivities to enjoy some good food. He alters an English hat with a scissor to make it look like a skull cap in his bid to blend in and be a part of the celebration.


While doing good in the holy month is a commonly practised value, it is important to honour the ones who do such selfless deeds. #SplashHeartOfGold was a call for people to share stories of such examples.

Surf Excel

#NekiEkIbadat by Surf Excel sends out a strong message of how kids should be motivated to do good for others, even if it comes at a cost of dirty clothes. Bonus: The heartwarming soundtrack!

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Can strangers bond over a meal? Subway sure thinks so! In a campaign featuring comedian Bin Baz, the brand was able to weave a story of men sharing, caring and bonding over a sandwich platter.


Firsts are always special. With a peppy music playing in the background, Vodafone shared glimpses of people celebrating their first-time experiences during Ramadan. The brand was able to subtly encourage people to share their memories online.

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Though sans a unique hashtag, #ShareAMeal, Spirit of Ramadan by Knorr was a campaign that used a website well. With a number counter telling people about the value of their contribution, the brand highlighted the importance of giving.


Not all superheroes wear a cape, some are just enclosed in inflated balloons! Vivo Perfect Seflie, Perfect Ramadhan celebrated the joy of being able to spread happiness by just being there for others!


With #LetsGiveBack, Jazz was able to portray the feelings of the youth to make a difference.

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#30DaysOfSharing was a brilliant idea for the chances of brand recall value it came with. The people using the hashtag were bound to remember the brand who encouraged them to do good deeds.

Bonus: Somehow a telecom company telling people to disconnect is a good idea after all!

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