This World Blood Donor Day join these groups to share ‘the life’

Blood donor groups

On this World Blood Donor Day, we make it easier for you to get connected with a wide community for blood donors which exists in the social media world with a comprehensive list of blood donor groups.

As the hashtag #WorldBloodDonorDay trends on twitter with hundreds of people taking part in conversations around the significance of donating blood, we get reminded of several incidences where the person in need couldn’t find suitable blood donors and was left unhealed.

According to a World Health Organisation(WHO) data, the state of blood donation in India is 9 million in supply and 12 million demand. To prevent such situations from occurring, some kindhearts have contributed their bit by making different groups and communities on social media which people can join or can reach out to if they wish to be blood donors or simply spread the word.

Last year in October, Facebook too joined the bandwagon by inviting its users to be a blood donor and be a part of the cause. To help encourage participation, it shows a message in News Feed where all information will remain private and set to “only me” by default, but people can choose to share their donor status on their timelines. The move made it easier for people and organizations, such as blood banks and hospitals, to connect with blood donors on Facebook. When individuals or organizations are in need of blood, they’ll be able to create a special type of post with all the information donors need to easily offer help. When a request is created, Facebook will automatically notify blood donors who may be nearby to help spread the word. Donors can then review the request and, if they wish to respond, contact the requestor directly through WhatsApp, Messenger or a phone call. The person who needs blood won’t be able to see any information about the donor, unless the donor explicitly provides it when he/she reaches out to the person in need of blood.

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To recognize the World Blood Donor Day today, Facebook has launched Blood Donations on Facebook, a new centre where people in India can find opportunities to donate nearby. It also announced that it is partnering with organizations across India, including the National Blood Transfusion Council, a division of India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and Giants Welfare Foundation, to set up over 2,000 blood donation events on Facebook this month, which will be featured in the new Blood Donation center.

Meanwhile Twitter has joined hands with Blood Donors India embarking on an awareness initiative #BloodMatters to address the needs of blood donation which is being driven by Twitter Lite. Through the app, people can request for blood donation with a tweet to @BloodDonorsIN, with their location as hashtag, blood type, mobile number and Twitter handle.

Likewise, there are several organisations urging people to be someone’s saviour by becoming one of the ‘most wanted’ blood donors. We bring to you a curated list of groups and pages, connecting the donors and the needy, to follow and to be a part of for the noble cause.

Blood Donors India on Twitter and Facebook-

Blood Connect on facebook-

What is Blood Group –

Indian Blood Donors-

National Blood Donors Group of India:

Blood Sure-

Blood Donors India-

Blood Donors and Receivers- Emergency Help:

All India Blood Bank-

Blood Donor Delhi-

Blood Drop-

Blood Helpline-

Blood Aid-


Blood For Needy-

The Blood Network-

Blood Connect-

There are many groups on Instagram as well whom you can follow and get regular updates on blood donation activities happening near you. Also, if you know of any reliable blood donor groups that can be added to this list, do let us know!

So, get set and hurry up! A life awaits you…