8 Twitter things to keep in mind during a monsoon crisis

social media during crisis

Monsoon is here and being vigilant is better than being sorry. Arm yourself with these social media during crisis lessons and an umbrella, of course.

A few days ago, Mumbai got its first set of monsoon showers and while it brings a relief from the scorching sun, one can’t help but remember last year’s deluge, if not the July 2005. And if forecasts are to be believed, June 7, 8, and 9 too are bound to get heavy to very heavy rainfalls. Every time it rains heavily, the city is brought to a standstill. However, Twitter is not. We bring to you eight social media during crisis lessons you shouldn’t forget in times of a monsoon crisis.

Do not forward

Always rationalise the evidence of destruction and check it’s source (you can check fact-check websites and their social media handles) before you forward anything. As a golden rule, refrain from forwarding anything during a monsoon crisis!

Appreciate the ones in uniform

Being frustrated is fine but don’t take it out on the ones in uniform, especially on social media. They are the doing the best they can, usually more than their capacity. Drop an appreciation post or two but don’t rant during the time of a crisis for it can go in two horrible ways — decrease their morale and become a fake forward. You can, of course, wait for the rains to pass and make a formal complaint.

Trust only verified accounts

Mumbai police officials deserve all the gratitude in the world for helping Mumbaikars feel safe in times of a crisis. Trust their tweets and re-tweet them as well. However, don’t share screenshots of old tweets, only the most recent ones.

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Confirm from the right people

It is completely fine to have doubts and to even panic in a monsoon crisis. However, you must confirm from the right people, rather than going about sharing those doubts and supposed evidence to support your claim among your peer group.

If you are stuck

Last year, many people had thrown their homes open for strangers to take shelter. If your phone is in working condition, keep track of such tweets and hashtags.

NEVER make a crisis communal

We repeat, NEVER! Stay away from sharing jokes that are in bad taste against a community or an individual. A crisis strikes everyone the same. Actions like these will only make it worse.

Political jokes can wait, SERIOUSLY!

Frustration and distress levels are already high during a crisis. Do not post things that can make it worse, especially using the same hashtag. You are simply ruining the chances of any relief work that might be getting done at the time.

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Join in the spirit

Your anger is justified and must be expressed. However, wait till the crisis has been averted. Only being hopeful helps when there is water all around. Try to keep your calm, at least online and help those who are in need.

Is there more than needs to be kept in mind during a monsoon crisis? Tell us in the comments or write to us at team@socialsamosa.com.