Facebook tests a feature to let you ban select words/emojis from comments


Facebook is testing a feature that would let you ban certain words, phrases or emojis that appear in comments on your timeline.

There’s no official announcement of this feature’s tests or roll-outs but was spotted by Jane Manchun Wong.

The menu would let you ban words, phrases and emojis that you don’t want to appear in comments on your timeline, however the person making these comments and your friends would still be able to see them.

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The feature if rolled out, would shut all the nuisance if you believe in “out of sight, out of mind” but it would also invite problems like you wouldn’t be able to report hate-speech because you can’t see it, because you banned it.

Facebook probably “may” roll-out an improved feature. Though at this stage, the feature looks like it needs work because it’s more on the lines of “don’t like it, don’t see it”, unlike Instagram completely prohibiting bullying comments, back when Kevin & Mike were still there and Twitter’s reporting options and banning dehumanizing posts besides misgendering people.

Social Media was becoming more prone to hate-speech and bullying as few people think that their keyboard gives them the freedom to say anything, though recent efforts by platforms are striving to limit and eventually eradicate it but Facebook’s feature rather just creates a bubble around it, rather than removing it.