Instagram now lets users share IGTV videos on their Stories

IGTV video share

Instagram users can now share IGTV videos to their story by tapping the paper airplane at the bottom of the video; viewers of the story can tap on the preview to watch the whole video in IGTV.

IGTV, showcases long-format vertical videos and was launched in June. The app is touted to give competition of video platforms on the likes of YouTube

Instagram IGTV Stories share

A news was being floated about Instagram launching a reshare feature, but they later denied it. The platform probably wanted to maintain it’s aesthetics however they may have been contemplating the share feature.

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As of June 2018 Instagram has over a billion users and Stories have up to 400 million users, as of the first quarter of 2018. Introducing share feature to Stories may boost IGTV’s growth and get the engagement they wish for.

Instagram IGTV Stories share

The feature may or may not be useful for the users, but the creators on IGTV would definitely benefit from it, as a user sees their preview in a Story, likes it and follows them they would be further introduced to their content on IGTV.

Instagram has recently collaborated with Soundcloud letting users share music from the app to Instagram stories, and was also testing continous stories, so their efforts to boost Stories and now IGTV has been steady.