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Who are we?

SDA (SpiceTree Design Agency), a multifaceted marketing firm, based in Mumbai offers a gamut of services in design, digital, and development spheres. The seeds for this fascinating venture were sown on the 6 th of June 2004. The company has come a long way considering our range of clientele has consistently accelerated over the last 14 years. The retention of the company’s life-long clients is considered our greatest achievement credited to the meticulous and immaculate nature of our entire team of professionals. Our clients have persisted on involving us in crucial decisions regarding their business expansion and launch of any new products/services since the last decade.

What's in the name?

The reason behind choosing the name SDA  is quite interesting. A tree is symbolic of abundance and giving. Spices are colourful, vibrant and give flavour to anything they are used in. Hence, the name SpiceTree Design Agency. As an afterthought, SDA gives a nice ring to the name!

What we do?

At SDA, we continuously create and stimulate growth opportunities while inspiring effective communication using new age technologies. Our experienced designers and developers curate web, print, and social media design; offer digital marketing solution which involve SMM, SMO, SEO, mailers and retargeting; and develop our clientele’s brand identity while offering consultation on products and services.

Why we do it?

I always had a magnetic inclination towards creativity and innovation, my curiosity for which was often fuelled by the subliminal and concealed meanings behind brand campaigns and advertisements. There came a point when I couldn’t tolerate the mundane coordination of my previous sales job; I couldn’t handle the monotony.

That was the moment when I took it upon myself to quench my thirst for creativity by complementing it with science, detail, and analytics.

SDA aims to acquire the perfect blend of creative thought and scientific analytics and detailing to derive ‘factual creativity’. The term is an anomaly in the sense that the two words don’t normally go together, but we lay vital importance on offering practical meaning to our creative solutions in a unique and unfound manner. This philosophy enables each project to be critically and cautiously managed to garner effective communications for target groups.

How we evolve?

We have a clear understanding that adapting is crucial to addressing mercurial trends; hence we evolve both in both professional and personal aspects. We have clear policies regarding the inclusive growth of our team, clients, and all associates. Hence, we maintain high team spirits and keep everyone on their feet through the power of optimistic thought and actions. We also place equal importance on social as well as business development because both can flourish when one holds the hand of the other.

In terms of tangible evolution in the industry, we intend to enter the realm of ad film making dedicated to the online world. We believe that “concept” has got lost in the wildfire of communication. Content is merely spammed across the web with no sense of purpose or meaning. We therefore intend to offer a meaningful appetizer for audiences in the form of video ads and short films among others.

It must be considered that evolution doesn’t necessarily represent greener leaves; Mother Nature teaches us better than anyone that we must bloom to the fullest during spring, but shed our leaves during cold and desolate days as well. Hence, we prepare for sunny days as well as thunderstorms while moulding our aptitude to smartly execute the required plans of action.

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Social responsibility in social media

Digital companies have a duty and responsibility to curate content that certain users may find alarming. Publishers as well as distributors are equally responsible for the content they carry and present. Hence, this power must be blended with positive rather than negative light, that is, inspiring, engaging and influencing audiences in an optimistic manner; a manner where any form of productivity is induced. Hence, at SDA we aim to ensure this very ideology through meaningful and impactful story-telling thereby stirring critical thought in the form of positive energy. Why see a glass half-empty when the same glass can be interpreted as half-full?

Need of the hour

I feel that the need of the hour is to disseminate our knowledge to the client along with completing the projects at hand. When the client is aware of the process and what it entails, it will enable better participation and feedback from their end –making the communication seamless and transparent.

From my experience, I have two observations -

Although social media has a way of working, there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye. The content that goes out should be good and targeted at the right audience.

There is also a misconception that social media is only for youngsters or to keep in touch with friends and family. However, the fact is that it has evolved to take on a larger role as a platform for doing business – right from

networking to selling products.

Did we just share that?

Agency Feature Spicetree

Agency Feature Spicetree

They work with us

Some of our esteemed clients include Reliance General Insurance, Ebay, ICICI Lombard, Wizcraft, Madhuban Toyota, Wedniksha, Aamir Beading & Embroideries, Aishwarya, Al Khalid Tours, Kalrashukla Classes among others.

Industry as we foresee

The Indian social media industry is accelerating with no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. With advancements in technologies like AI, analytical tools, and blockchain technology the benchmark for industry performance is going to reach unprecedented heights. In addition, the implementation of voice searches and other personalized approaches will dominate digital marketing strategies. It will definitely be fascinating to observe new horizons of personalisation and engagement.

A day without Internet

This question was posed to Indians in a survey and about 82% of them revealed that they couldn’t imagine an offline life. The internet thus has such a profound influence on our lives that we can’t even fathom a world without it. However, on attempting to imagine such a situation one would assume that their world will figuratively come crashing down leaving them bare and helpless. The situation can be related to when the electricity in our homes get cut off for some reason. Don’t we feel apprehensive, irritated, bored, and bemused as to how to while away our time? While at the same time there is this gnawing, egging feeling at the pit of our stomachs wondering when the metaphorical and literal lights in our lives will sparkle again. From a professional perspective, billions of dollars will be lost. The internet must therefore be an eternal fire, the extinguishment of which is rightly unfathomable.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are not planning on hiring anytime soon. However, we will keep you posted on any updates in this direction!

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