Carols, Cakes, and Campaigns - Brands celebrate Christmas with vigor

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Christmas Campaigns 2018

Santa's here and his reindeers have brought us Christmas campaigns and creatives by a number of brands like Fevicol, Zomato, Uber, and more.

With most budgets being exhausted in India's designated holiday season which ends with Diwali, brands stick to creatives. Though, few brands like Swiggy, Faaso's, and SBI Life created full-fledged campaigns.

Still, the cultural diversity in India is as such, that no festival, Christmas, Diwali or Eid can be left out as a subject for campaigns. Most brands integrated their products in an imaginative manner in their creatives like Pepe Jeans, Durex, Pizza By The Bay, and more.

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Faaso's social initiative, where they grant their customers' childhood wish, would imprint their name in the customers' head whenever they order food. Durex stuck to its brand personality and mirth and released a rather fun creative. Fevicol continues its legacy of punny and smart creatives this Christmas and SBI Life had an emotional tale to convey.

Take a look at these campaigns' creatives & creative campaigns.


Did your favorite campaign make it to the list of Christmas Campaigns 2018? If not let us know in the comments below.

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