Social Media News Round Up: Facebook’s shady deal, Snapchat’s Lens Challenges and more

Social Media News

Social Media Platforms are constantly evolving and updating with newer features to increase relevance and stickiness for users, brands and businesses.  Here is our weekly roundup of Social Media News this week.

Social Samosa brings you all the latest news, platform updates and trends dominating the digital ecosystem. Social Media News this week was dominated by Twitter’s Sparkle, a feature allowing to switch between most popular and most recent tweets, YouTube’s updated community guidelines, new ways to interact with Instagram, more details on the infamous Facebook data breach, and more.

Snapchat launches location-based feature, letting you custom-build target audience

Snapchat launches visitor re-engagement audiences option, a location-based feature. Location-targeting and filters have worked well in the past for advertisers and retailers, the new feature letting you custom-build tour target audience might show a high rate of conversion for retailers. Read more here.

Facebook is introducing new features to the Camera in Messenger

Facebook is adding Boomerang, new fonts, color backgrounds, camera modes like Normal, Selfie, Video & Text along with AR filters, holiday-themed stickers, masks and features. Read more here.

New Ways to Interact on Instagram

Starting today, you’ll see new ways to interact with your friends and form a deeper connection with the people you follow on Instagram. Read more here.

Facebook made shady deals with Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix & more to share users’ data

Facebook authorised access to users’ data to about 150 companies including several online retailers, entertainment websites, device & gadget manufacturers and businesses. Read more here.

Twitter revives reverse-chronological feed

Twitter launched a new feature allowing users to tap on a sparkle button and switch between the most recent tweets and the most popular tweets, available on iOS and coming soon to Android. Read more here.

Snapchat to introduce Lens Challenges

Snapchat’s Lens challenges are almost similar to ones on TikTok but have a themed-lens incorporated. Read more here.

YouTube enforces Community Guidelines by faster removals and tackling comments

YouTube has always used a mix of human reviewers and technology to address violative content on the platform, and in 2017 they started applying more advanced machine learning technology to flag content for review by their teams. Read more here.

How to create your Snapchat Year-End Story

Snapchat Year-End Story would feature some of your best Snaps stored in Memories, over the whole year which you can keep for yourself or share. Read more here.