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Agency Feature LC Media House

Who are we?

Welcome to our world!

We are the Superheroes. No, really, jokes apart! We really are the 'R E A L' Superheroes in this world of creativity!

We are the ones who speak human language, to help make any brand get insane visibility and popularity across reachable mediums. Drop the dictionary friend, because you need it no longer! The time has finally come, when you can be you, and well, we can be us!

Who is ‘us’ you ask? We are LCmediaHouse! We deliver the classiest and wackiest of communications and eye-catching media services across traditional, social and digital platforms to both brands and individuals alike.

LCmediaHouse aka LCM started way back in 2012 as just an idea which organically grew into what it is now without much fiddling from our end. We feel there’s a sense of innate creativity that’s guiding our growth trajectory and are happy to say that this has led to some really great partnerships in last 6 years with many more to come in the future.

Our core team includes

Dinesh Malhotra, Cofounder, LCmediaHouse, Vishal Sakpal, Cofounder, LCmediaHouse, Nishat Mukaddam, Partner, LCmediaHouse.

What's in the name?

Let’s get talking about the ‘rooster’ in the room first! The two co-founders of the company were kind of bored to see the typical ads in their time and were quite critical about the situation. Thoughts led to ideas and ideas led to the creation of the most-hip agency in Navi Mumbai of the time (going strong even now) and that’s how LCM came into being. To usher in the dawn of this new beginning both of them wanted to have a mascot to represent their thoughts and felt the rooster suited the job.

LCM as a company is driven by thoughts, ideas, lucrative concepts and its vision to accomplish all it can to engage and entertain that most sought after ‘TG’ that any brand wishes to retain at all times.

What’s making our DNA has also found a place in our name LCmediaHouse.

LC = Lucrative Concepts + Media House = Our Vision to create something bigger, larger than life.

What we do?

LCmediaHouse is focused on creating great content via any means necessary. We strongly believe that establishing an idea is the most important factor before initiating any campaign, online or offline, for any brand. As a communications agency, we strive hard not to just manage the tasks in hand, but rather own a part of it so that we feel equally motivated, inspired and responsible as brand owners/managers would for their brands. For us, content is what matters the most as we are aware that the mediums are going to continue to evolve with rapid pace allowing only the content to be etched in the consumer’s minds.

Our Services include:

- Advertising

- Branding

- Social Media Management

- Digital Marketing

- Video Production

- Photography

- Marketing Consultation

- Online PR

Why we do it?

Because it made sense! Time had come then for the internet and creativity; two things that have had the most impact on human lives, to fuse together. We just kept having fun being a part of that transition.

How we evolve?

We are always keeping a tab on trends. We read we watch, and we absorb. We are constantly upgrading ourselves to deliver for not just the brands we work for, but also to deliver, for the target audiences of the brands we cater to.

Social responsibility in social media

Contrary to our image, we are not casual about our clients. We make sure that our synergies match on the table with people who are involved directly with the brand. This helps us in maintaining and following the strictest standards of social media responsibility.

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Need of the hour

Is for the brand owners and brand managers to accept the fact that like any other traditional medium of advertising, going digital needs dedication first and inclination second. It’s not a choice anymore. You have to do it the right way for your brand to engage, interact and evolve along with your target audience.

We learned the hard way

You have to become replaceable. You must create a culture that can transcend from one generation of creators to the other, within the organization, by empowering others to take lead from time to time.

Secondly, we would advise all fellow agencies to not be too lenient on payment schedules. Like any other industry, we must deliver on time and remember to collect on time. There’s no shame in it!

Did we just share that?

We do get irritated and amused at the same time with the fact that there are people in the world who like sending ****pics to brands via DM. Just why?

They work with us

In a very short span of 6 years, we are happy to say that we have had the privilege to work with some of the best brands in the industry like CavinKare Group (various brands), RUFF, PayU money, Panchavati Gaurav, PepsiCo India, Four Points by Sheraton, ToyKraft, Little Kangaroos, The Fern Hotels & Resorts, Gitanjali,, Flying Wild, LeMark Institute Of Art, Juicy Chemistry, The Central Kitchen and many more amounting to a staggering list of 100 plus brands.

Industry as we foresee

We believe the digital industry is evolving rapidly and this is quite far from its final form yet. Though some brands are leveraging the digital platform for good, we have seen through experience that many brands though are active on social/digital platforms, still don’t give it much importance and treat it as just a supporting activity to their overall marketing initiative while also having great expectations from the platform without actually investing in it. The right thing to do as a brand is to take the leap of faith now, and be ready to bear the fruits in time to come.

A day without Internet

A day without internet is really fine at LCmediaHouse. We don’t go nuts over losing net. Instead, we take it as an opportunity to do stuff together and connect more with each other through impromptu activities like games, music sessions, team lunches, fun outings, etc.

Lastly, are you hiring?

If you feel we can do ‘crazy’ together, just drop in your CV.

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