Facebook launches Community Actions, a feature to start petitions

Facebook Community Actions

Facebook launches a new feature called Facebook Community Actions, allowing users to initiate petitions and notify local officials.

The feature would first be rolled out in United States although everyone may not have the access right away.

Users will be able to create a petition, share it with their friends and let them support the cause, tag local authorities or the relevant organisations, create fundraisers & events and discuss the petition amongst supporters on the page.

Facebook has already demonstrated it’s influential power among the masses. It’s a great platform to let people voice out their political demands, and in a way they prefer to i.e. the “social” way.

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The feature may lead to something good but it also may lead to something bad. In this politically sensitive environment, there are people objecting the minutest of things, waiting to misuse such features to fulfill concealed motives.

Fake news has surfaced massively on the platform despite having “stringent community guidelnes” and a “solid content review” process.

The step taken towards helping people voice out their political demands on a public platform is notable but only if Facebook is able to handle the consequences in case the feature is abused.