#Infographic: 7 ways to use YouTube Marketing to improve your e-commerce sales

YouTube Marketing

YouTube has a userbase massive enough for numerous major brands to lean in and use it as a marketing platform. Glance through the following infographic to use YouTube effectively for marketing.

India is the second-ranked country with the largest number of people visiting YouTube. Viewers from India constitute 8.2% of YouTube’s total viewers. Globally, YouTube has a presence in 91 countries reaching 95% of the internet, according to Hootsuite.

YouTube is the second most visited website, according to Alexa and mobile ads receive viewer attention eighty-three percent of the time. TV ads average around 45 percent.

In November 2018, YouTube was testing ad-pods i.e. two ads, back-to-back, pre-rolled, in the middle or at the end. Initially only on the web version but it will be rolled out on mobile too.

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With YouTube’s population 1.9 billion monthly active YouTube users, there’s a lot you can do with the platform and it’s users to market your products & services and create brand recall.

While every product or service needs a different strategy to appeal to the heterogeneous market and diverse audience. YouTube as a platform is flexible enough for any marketer to create a customized strategy for a product.

Revampcrm.com compiled the following infographic to apprise us about the seven ways to use YouTube Marketing to improve your e-commerce sales.