#Infographic: Most popular Social Media platforms of 2019

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Digital Marketing on the right platform can do wonders for any business, e-commerce or traditional but by choosing the right platform. Glance through the infographic to know the most popular social media platforms of 2019.

The dot com boom led to the eruption of a number of websites and social media apps and with the commencement of Jio in India a new audience was introduced to the digital world in the country. While Facebook is currently ruling the kingdom of social media with Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, other social media apps like Line, TikTok, Vego are more popular in certain markets.

Choosing the right medium (platform) is the most significant part of shaping any digital strategy as the right content should be showcased to a relevant audience.

Each of the mentioned social media platforms in the infographic have a certain demographic and high number of users in certain age groups. These demographics may overlap in one or other places but can certainly be concentrated on more/less as a medium, according to the product/service being marketed and the strategy.

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According to a Zephoria Report, Facebook has 2.27 billion monthly active users with five new profiles being created every second. Despite several security controversies, they are still going strong along with owning Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Twitter boasts around 326 million monthly active users and an estimated 500 million tweets sent per day. The company’s estimated revenue is $644 million.

LinkedIn has an estimated 590 million users. Snapchat has invaded the digital and creative space by being a major influencer and pioneering Stories, a format that Facebook has duplicated and used, on all platforms they own.

Check out the following infographic compiled by Digital Information World to know the most popular platforms of 2019.

Digital Marketing