Instagram’s tests and updates: Categories on Explore, pop-up for offensive comments, and more


Instagram is testing updates on direct messaging for creator accounts, pop-up warnings for offensive comments and tweaking the Explore Page.

The first one of the two new updates being tested on direct messaging for creator accounts is the conversations divided in two categories: Primary and General. The basis of the division is unknown.

The other update is a filter for DM requests specified as ‘Top Requests’ and ‘All Requests’. According to Jane Manchun Wong ‘Top Requests’ are the ones creators are likely to care about.

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Additionally, the platform is also testing a feature that would show a pop-up warning if you’re trying to post an offensive comment. The warning would state that your comment is similar ot the ones that have been reported as offensive. If you choose to post it anyway, you may get temporaraily banned, like Wong did.

Besides, Instagram is also testing to update it’s Explore Page with new and updated categories. In adddition to the categories, a few of which you might’ve already seen, Instagram also added IGTV and Shop to it’s categories tab.

Instagram has been pushing IGTV all over the feed. They started with a small suggestion tab above Stories, to Home feed and now on Explore. Shop being added on Explore, may be a warm-up for the full-scale pushout of Shopping feature on the platform with in-app checkout and also for the platform’s standalone shopping app that may be in the pipeline.