#IPLSpot: Myntra's Unforgettables-True Colours seeks to celebrate the cricket crazy India

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Myntra IPL Campaign

The Myntra IPL campaign aims to celebrate the cricket fever around IPL and how it is beyond any caste, creed, and religion.

“In India, everyone is a cricket crazy but not everyone shows their love for the game, for their heroes as openly as we do”- Col. Vembu Shankar

“We fashion our lives according to the sport, this is my weapon, my style” - Sudhir Chaudhary

“My style is my identity, no one can hate me”- Saravanan Hari

“This is our story”.

While the country is actively participating in the biggest cricket festival this time around, Myntra's ‘Myntra Unforgettable - True Colours’ introduces us to a story of 3 widely recognized cricket fans who have gone beyond the ordinary to make the sport their fashion, style, and life!

Sudhir Chaudhary from Bihar began following Sachin Tendulkar devotionally since the first time he saw him batting in 2001. Also, once he traveled 1800 km on a cycle only to see a match live. “Everyone thinks that my style and fashion statement is over the top. But when I wore Team India's colors, I got my identity. They think that I am a joke, I only want to ask them where were they when Tendulkar lifted the world cup trophy. I was standing beside him and lifted the world cup along with him,” Chaudhary is seen saying in the word.  

For Col. Vembu Shankar from Chennai, an Indian army veteran, running behind cricketers and collecting autographs has always been fascinating. He started with the 1983 world cup winning Indian cricket team. It took him nearly two decades to complete the collection. He said, “Uniform is always close to my heart because it is beyond caste-creed, religion. You are wearing what represents a country.”

He misses wearing the uniform after retiring. But now proudly adorns The Indian cricket fan jersey- a uniform which is his love for the country and the sport.

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Meanwhile, caste, creed religion everything has one meaning for Saravanan Hari from Chennai  - cricket. A die-hard fan of Chennai Super Kings and MS Dhoni, Hari’s wardrobe only compiles yellow shirts If this wasn't enough, his bike and watch are also yellow. It takes him 3-4 hours to paint himself in yellow. “This is my style, this is my color yellow,” he exclaimed.

Rooted with passion and faith, hailing from different parts of the country, the three individuals are yet tied together by a word - CRICKET! With this campaign Myntra joins the bandwagon of brands leveraging the cricket season at its best while subtly integrating their mention through social media creatives and posts.

Myntra is going beyond the launch video and keeping its followers engaged on digital platforms with the hashtags #MyntraUnforgettables and #MyntraFashionYourSport dedicated to the color symbols of different IPL. teams.

Targeting the Gen Z of the nation, it also went ahead to collaborate with online content creator Arre to create a fun short-form content titled 'Myntra Sticky Wicket'.

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