Facebook to change the name for Instagram and WhatsApp


Social Media giant Facebook has owned Instagram and Whatsapp for years, however, the link between the three platforms has always been tenuous.

Facebook with it’s latest move tried to break this social media monopoly. To prove it’s mettle Facebook is changing the names of two of its most popular apps: WhatsApp and Instagram. The apps will soon be renamed to WhatsApp from Facebook and Instagram from Facebook. The “from Facebook” postfix acts as a stamp on the deed. The changes will be observed on Apple Play Store and Google App Store and will also reflect within the app.

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, and WhatsApp later in 2014, thus the move seems equitable. In a statement, Facebook said: “We want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook.”

However, the reactions that exploded on social media did not reflect positively to the change. Merging the messaging services could create privacy issue which is the concern for brands, users and marketers.


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Social media consultant Matt Navarra too tweeted saying,