Social Media Marketing Calendar: October 2019

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October Marketing Calendar

Social Samosa presents Social Media Marketing Calendar – October 2019, the holy grail for social media managers, advertisers, and agency professionals.

India Inc has been creating digital heavy plans this festive season; it's time to take a look at the important days in the coming month to help you unload creativity.

October 2019 is turning out to be the most vital month for social media marketing. With several essential dates, brands can anchor their presence with occasion marketing campaigns, cause marketing campaigns and several more genres.

International Coffee Day: 1st October 2019

International Coffee Day, is used to celebrate coffee as a beverage and to raise awareness about the plight of coffee growers, can be grasped by online food delivery services, dairy companies and FMCG brands revolving around coffee along with the conventional coffee brands, cafes, restaurants and more.

Coffee brands and Cafes can make the most of this day with distinctive brand creatives, online contests, special announcements or offers, etc. and product launches via social handles. These brands can also bank on a video campaign.

World Vegetarian Day: 1st October 2019

The day observed by vegetarians across the globe can be used as a theme by brands whose primary target audience is this group. The day is a fit for any brands and businesses promoting the vegetarian lifestyle or manufacturers of vegan and/or organic products.

Gandhi Jayanti: 2nd October 2019

Gandhi Jayanti, the national festival to mark the birth anniversary of Gandhi Ji, can be remarked by brands from most sectors with a creative post to create brand awareness or become a part of a bigger conversation.

World Smile Day: 4th October 2019

People are encouraged to put a smile on someone's face through acts of kindness on this day and it can be gripped by all brands, especially dental products manufacturers.

Dusshera: 8th October 2019

This widely commemorated fiesta marks the commencement of religious celebrations this month. People are already in the mindset to spend, all you have to do is mark your presence. An acute brand connect, while maintaining the festive vibe, can help you stand out.

World Mental Health Day: 10th October 2019

The day employed to advocate against social stigma, and to educate people about mental health by raising awareness can be used by most brands to fulfill their corporate social responsibility and use their platform to support a cause.

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Rekha's Birthday: 10th October 2019

This living legend's birthday is a sizeable day for production houses, TV Channels, multiplexes, OTT platforms and more industries revolving around cinema and entertainment.

World Chicken Day: 10th October 2019

The expression of love for chicken can be celebrated by brands manufacturing cold cuts, frozen chicken, fast food restaurants such as KFC and more.

Amitabh Bachchan: 11th October 2019

Brands endorsed by this notable personality can launch a full-fledged campaign on this day. Others revolving around the entertainment industry can also ride on the topical wave that will be created by his numerous fans, with commendations and creative posts.

National Boss Day: 16th October 2019

E-Commerce platforms, merchandisers, brands selling customized products and more can utilize this day to induce purchases and strengthen the bond between employers and employees.

World Food Day: 16th October 2019

FMCG brands, restaurants, online food delivery services, agriculture-based businesses should not miss out on this day. Other brands having a distant connection with food can also leverage this day to create brand awareness and celebrate the best thing in the world.

Karvachauth: 17th October 2019

Beauty, Clothing & Accessories and others from such sectors can raise the emotional quotient with a sentimental story in a video campaign or go with a festive post.

Prabhas' Birthday: 23rd October 2019

The Bahubali's birthday can be wielded by the brands endorsed by him and brands revolving around entertainment.

Diwali: 27th October 2019

This one needs no description. Consider this a friendly reminder to encash the period when the consumer spends are (arguably)the highest in the year. Be sure to be ready with your creative lamp, to make sure you shine your light during this season.

Internet Day: 29th October 2019

Social Media would be flooded with various interactions and conversations around the reason you are able to read this article on your phone and the reason social media exists. It's a sizeable day to make a strong connection with your network of consumers.

Halloween: 31st October 2019

The day when people are trick-or-treating, attending costume parties and carving pumpkins, is becoming more prominent in India with the pop culture influence of the West.

Nightclubs, Restaurants & Bars, shopping malls, clothing brands and more theming any of their offline activities around Halloween can amplify their activations on social media efficiently as their dominant TG can be tapped via this medium.

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