Instagram launches Layout for Stories

Paawan Sunam
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Layout Stories

Layout, a split-screen grid for posting multiple pictures in one frame has been rolled out by Instagram for Stories.

The Layout mode for Instagram Stories offers grids in six different styles. Different collage-like layouts were already popular on Instagram, but users would have to use third-party apps, but not anymore.

Additionally, as Instagram is a hub of still photography, previously users would use numerous third-party apps to adjust cropping and fit the platform's ratio and more editing tools that offer girds and filters.

But steadily, Instagram has integrated such features in the platform itself. Layout mode for Stories being the most recent.

Layout was actually launched first in 2015 as a standalone app for iOS and was found to be testing as a feature in June 2019 and recently too.

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Along with aiding the general users who would have to use third-party apps, the feature can also appeal to the creator community such as photographers or memers on the platform. Brands tapping Stories for promotional purposes can also get creative with the new mode.

The platform recently also revamped its popular feature Boomerang and launched new forms: Slowmo, Echo, and Duo.

More features that were recently found being tested for Stories are 'Stop Motion Mode' allowing up to 10 frames to be posted as an individual story and 'Shoutout', a feature you can use to share customized wishes on celebratory days, such as a birthday or anniversary.

Along with 'Group Stories', a feature that lets you collaborate on a private story with friends, and 'Poses', which clicks four pictures, one per three seconds, stitches them together and shows it in a stop-motion effect.

Alike Layout mode for Stories, we might also see any or all of these features being launched on the full scale soon.

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