YouTube to restrain data collection for targeted ads on kids' content

Paawan Sunam
New Update
YouTube data collection

YouTube will soon limit data collection from kids' content for showing targeted ads, to abide by the amended federal policies.

Starting from January 2020, videos 'targeted at kids' on YouTube will show ads based on the content rather than the user data, as YouTube limits data collection.

With the introduction of the updated Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule, YouTube has imposed some stringent policies and practices. One of the significant changes was the introduction of YouTube Kids.

As children might also be viewing unsupervised content on YouTube, the platform also removes thousands of accounts per week when it detects the viewer to be under the age of 13.

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Additionally, the creators need to mark videos made for kids, and the platform is also using machine learning to find videos targeted at kids and any creator trying to avoid categorizing their video would have to face consequences.

The new restrictions on data collection will affect creators on the platform financially, as it may reduce the revenue generated from advertisements.

Kids Content on YouTube is thriving with some of the most viewed videos and the most revenue-generating videos falling in this category. Family vlogs are up and coming with many parents even quitting their full-time jobs to dedicate their whole time to the platform.

Given the vigour of kids content, the new changes might have severe effects on the platform and creators.

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