Snapchat introduces in-app mental health support

Snapchat mental health

Snapchat introduces features & tools that provide support to users experiencing mental health or emotional crisis.

Snapchat is built on the notion of sharing real moments with real friends, although free expression also requires an assurance of safety and assistance during crisis. The app has introduced several resources to nurture mental health and reinforce the uses in need.

‘Here For You’ is a feature that shows safety resources from local experts when users search for topics surrounding mental crises such as anxiety, depression, stress, grief, suicidal thoughts, and bullying. The feature would be rolling out in the coming months.

Users can also use these resources to learn more about this subject and the sensitive topics that surround it, to help a friend in need or to satisfy their curiosity. The new resources introduced also include Creative Tools, Filters, and Lenses that promote safety and privacy and the first-ever Snappable quiz.

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Back in April 2019, Snapchat launched a social impact Lens Challenge, Because Of You. In an initiative to support Bullying Prevention Month, the platform partnered with Ad Council to spread kindness. The users would share an instance when someone had a positive impact on their lives through the activity.

Mental health issues are a growing problem amongst the younger generation, several of these issues may also stem from social media platforms. While Snapchat has been prioritizing the sensitive subject, another platform actively working towards the nourishment of users’ mental health is Pinterest.

In July 2019, Pinterest introduced a slate of tools and well-being activities for users to help them cope with anxiety, stress, and sadness. In November 2019, they launched coping exercises, compassionate search and more of such tools to prevent self-harm.