Campaign Face off: SpringFit’s #AbToSoJa v/s Duroflex’s #YawnOffSleepOn

Sneha Yadav
Mar 23, 2020 05:47 IST
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World Sleep Day campaign face off

A campaign face-off between SpringFit’s #AbToSoJa and Duroflex’ #YawnOffSleepOn looks at how two mattress brands approached World Sleep day differently.

This World Sleep Day, two mattresses brands got talking about the significance of a sound sleep presenting two different narratives and facets. While Duroflex mattresses chose to stick to yawns signifying us to sleep, Springfit Mattresses switched roles for this time kids to sing lullabies for making their parents sleep.

 We take a look at how the two brands walked

the talk.

Duroflex’ #YawnOffSleepOn 

Yawning is one of the most common signs of sleep deprivation and building further on this insight, Duroflex took upon itself to drive awareness on the importance of sleep.

The brand urged users to participate in its #YawnOffSleepOn campaign by sharing funny yawn videos. The most entertaining yawn videos were to win a premium mattress from Duroflex and get featured on the brand’s social pages.

The brand claims to have been the conversation starter with the campaign video reaching over 6.8 million views and 4.2 million engagements. Indian television actor & influencer Ayush Mehra was roped into further amplify the message.

Duroflex further informed that all participants received special World Sleep Day offers on the brand with a special video of the 10 lucky winners from across India.




Springfit Mattresses’  #AbToSoJao campaign features a role reversal

route where children are asking a very fundamental question to their parents.

Do the adults (parents) practice what they preach? If children are asked to

sleep on time, why the adults themselves are browsing mindlessly in their sleep


The one and a half minute long ad film talks about the hazards of smartphone addiction urging grown-ups not to intrude phones in their sleeping time. The music video also shows the kids singing lullabies for their parents at late night, asking Indians to not wake up to the problem of sleep deprivation and to sleep on time! 

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Conceptualized by ICE Media Lab, the insight which the brand – agency duo rode on was that with 12GB data consumption a month & over 70 minutes a day of video viewing. This sudden change in behavioral patterns is resulting in acute sleep deprivation since the majority of this consumption happens mostly at night during sleep-time.

On Social Media, the brand initially started off with still creatives adding a quirky and contemporary colloquial touch to it asking adults why haven’t they slept yet while they are busy scrolling their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

The launch of the campaign video was followed by more such animated videos, gifs and posts reminding users to switch off their screens and go to sleep.

While both the brands played their part in utilizing as many resources to spread awareness around the vitality of sleep in one’s life, we reach out to a few experts to know whose creativity did the magic.

Experts Take:

Rohit Raj, Co-founder, and Chief Creative Officer, The Glitch


I really like the way both of these brands have targeted sleep in their own unique way, especially keeping the limitations of the category that doesn’t allow much to talk about. 

That said the Spring Fit insight of now kids having to put the parents to sleep was a strong connection and the imagery attached was completely relatable of us passing out while on our phones and becoming lazy by the day. The song is super catchy too but where I thought this fell through was in the brand connection. If  I were to have caught this ad online I may have stayed with it for the relatability and insight but the brand or the brand messaging never really stuck. So I could have replaced the end with any logo and continued including that of a coffee brand that would wake you up. 

On the other hand, Duroflex with a simple idea drove the brand so strong that every time I yawn I will think of a Duroflex. Also, the ad with visuals of people yawning does make you yawn and think of sleep and the brand name, when attached at the right moment, drives home the point.

Overall both had strong insights but Duroflex for me took it home the right way in terms of final messaging. 

Shourya Ray Chaudhuri, Managing Partner & Creative Head, Tonic Worldwide


Campaigns that are rooted in insight often hit home. And that's what the SpringFit ad manages to do. Fatigue stemming from improper sleeping practices thanks to our devices is a strong yet simple insight. While the execution leaves a lot to be desired, I believe the twist where kids put the adults to bed is a strong message. The Duroflex campaign is at best, a gimmicky contest.

Chirag Gander, Co-Founder of The Minimalist


The Duroflex

#YawnOffSleepOn video is short and simple, wherein a minimal approach has been

used to convey the message regarding the essence of sleep for a healthier life.

The brand's social media campaign is aimed at engaging consumers to generate awareness in a quirky fashion, by asking them to upload the Yawning post, which could be a tad bit embarrassing for some. Through people's participation, the brand is creating a sense of trust amongst its consumer-base by encouraging healthy sleep habits and awareness around sleep deprivation, which is not just one person's issue.

While the Springtfit Mattress campaign is good but its quite long. In today’s digital world, wherein capturing attention is key, viewers have to wait until the end to understand what the messaging is about.

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