Poetic verses, where brand integrations and creative storytelling merges

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Turning the page to the times when poetry was used by brands to turn recommendations to soulful expressions. Browsing through poetry brand campaigns that drew attention and instilled affection.

From catchy taglines and memorable jingles, to pieces of content where emotions and products mingle, communications are intensified in the mix, with a few rhymes sprinkled. The relationship between poetry and brand campaigns is as old as the skin filled with wrinkles.

Not just promoting a product or publicizing a service, poems are also often used by brands to fight the obstacles this society is versus.

Phool Versha Foundation focusses on the pandemic that increased the transgender community’s plight and Tata Trusts calls attention to the one who cleans the country’s filth but is not visible in sight. Their verses took the impact of communication to new heights.

The world has been stamping the genders with stereotypes, but few compositions peel those labels and convey everyone is able and can lead a proud life. The Man Company and ETimes dictate this notion with robust rhymes.

Fevicol delivers its product’s caliber with a traditional folk song, and Taj Mahal Tea uses metaphors describing indulgence like the tea leaves soaked long. Such communications gain ample attention and do no wrong.

Gulzar Saab leaves a drop of their legacy on advertising with several brand campaigns, with words more vivid than a painting, and descriptions that make you fall for a product like the love of rains.

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Browse through the page filled with narrative campaigns marrying marketing and rhymes, that produced campaigns enduring the perishing nature of time.

A Paper Boat Ride Down The River Of Memories – Paperboat

#TwoBinsLifeWins – Tata Trusts

Sofa – Fevicol

#RoshniDilKi – Luminous

#FeelThemFeedThem – Phool Versha Foundation

Decode The Modern Gentleman – The Man Company

That Morning Feeling – The Times Of India

Sindoor Khela(2018) – ETimes

How To Brew Great Tea ft. Saif Ali Khan – Taj Mahal Tea

Galiyan – Ford

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