Social Media News Round-Up: Quote Tweets, LinkedIn Updates & more

social media news round up september 1st week

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and updating with newer features to increase relevance and stickiness for users, brands, and businesses. Here is our weekly roundup of Social Media News this week

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Social media news this week was dominated by Quote Tweets, Facebook Messenger introducing forwarding limits, Instagram launching separate tab for Reels in India, and more.

Twitter introduces two new teams to work on accessibility

The new teams will focus on accessibility, tooling, and advocacy across all products that make public conversations possible on Twitter. Read more here.

Quote Tweets are now an official feature on Twitter

After differentiating Retweets and Retweets with comments, Twitter goes a step further to re-name the latter as Quote Tweets. Read more here.

Twitter adds more context to Trends with representative tweets

The team at Twitter will now pin curated tweets to trends, helping people get a context of the trending conversation at first glimpse. Read more here.

Facebook highlights Recommendation Guidelines

Suggested Accounts, Pages, Groups, Events, Posts, and more on Facebook and Instagram is a part of the app’s experience, Facebook has shared the guidelines followed while personalizing these recommendations. Read more here.

Facebook introduces online courses for community building & adds filters to Search in Ad Library

Facebook is introducing a Community Manager eLearning Program, a guide to community management, from building a community, to fostering it, till analyzing it. Read more here.

Facebook tests making news subscriptions easier

A new tool will allow users to link their Facebook accounts to news subscriptions, making consumption easier without repeated sign-ins. Read more here.

Facebook Horizon opens up invite-only beta

Facebook has been testing Horizon with an early group of creators. In the coming weeks, the company will start bringing some people from the waitlist into Horizon’s invite-only beta. Read more here.

Messenger Rooms introduces personalization features

Messenger Rooms has been enhanced with new personalization features to improve the experience with AR Effects, Filters, and more. Read more here.

Facebook Messenger introduces forwarding limits

Messenger users will be able to forward a message to only five persons or groups at a time, much like the forwarding limits on WhatsApp. Read more here.

Instagram launches separate tab for Reels in India

About two months after launching Reels, Instagram India is now pushing to make them more discoverable and accessible, via a dedicated tab. Read more here.

YouTube begins testing picture-in-picture (PiP) mode

Few iOS users share being able to see YouTube’s test of a native YouTube picture-in-picture (PiP) feature, in the latest versions of the YouTube app. Read more here.

YouTube India app rejigged, gets a create icon

YouTube app users in India will now be able to see a create icon in the bottom navigation bar, notification icon has been moved up. Read more here.

LinkedIn Pages get new tabs for Company, Events & View Followers

The new tabs on LinkedIn Pages are being introduced by the platform to help organizations stay connected to their employees and communities. Read more here.

Pinterest tests new shopping features

The shopping features being tested by Pinterest include labels such as ‘Best Seller’, ‘Popular’, product ratings, and more. Read more here.