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The latest YouTube mobile app design launched in India also includes a new spot for the create icon.

The recently developed UI for YouTube mobile app design change is available on Android 15.30+. If you don’t see it yet and should, try restarting the app. 

YouTube plans to bring the design to iOS and all locations globally in the future. The platform will provide more updates on this news.


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They introduced this change makes with an aim to make it easier for users to create videos on mobile, by placing the create icon in the middle of the bottom navigation bar. The Subscriptions and Notifications icons have been moved, but the functionality remains the same.

YouTube has recently been introducing features to prompt more content creation and improving its performance analytics. Recently, they introduced an improved Blur Editor, a new tool to easily manage copyright claims, along with more updates to AdSense association, and adjustable timestamps for video copyright edits.

YouTube recently also announced an updated Video Analytics Overview, the introduction of Stories Analytics, and more updates for creators, along with a rebranded blog.

Now, along with having more tabs with additional visuals, and individual carousels for videos or Tweets, the blog has also been divided into four main categories.

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