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Pepsi Campaigns IPL

With the country sinking in the IPL fever, we hit a sweep shot back to the times when Pepsi Campaigns crashed the IPL.

PepsiCo is one the largest sponsors in the sports world, and as a non-alcoholic beverage which is often an accompaniment of the viewers in-stadium or at home, Pepsi makes the most out of major sports leagues around the globe with several campaigns, be it Cricket World Cup, IPL, or Super Bowl.

The Pepsi Cricket World Cup campaigns still burst zingy flavors. For instance in the last tournament, the brand has featured Charulata Patel, a cricket enthusiast after she made waves online for being lucky for the Indian cricket team. Pepsi and cricket have remained closely associated, even when there was nothing official about it.

In 2013, the title sponsorship bid was won by PepsiCo with a bid of INR 396.8 crore for five seasons, almost double the bid paid by DLF for the first five seasons. This was also the period when Pepsi was most active in the league and launched a series of campaigns.

Few of the campaigns were fast-paced, moving to the rhythm of emotions experienced during the game, few tapped notions around the essence of IPL, and few were synonymous with the brand image of Pepsi - The Youth's Drink.

The launch campaign of Oh Yes Abhi! created by JWT stood as the foundation for the video adverts under the same tagline created for IPL such as 'Bhaag' by (then named) Taproot India.

The launch campaign featured Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, and MS Dhoni, embodying the pulse of the impatient nation.

Two of the adverts featuring Ranbir & Priyanka (individually) presented an amusing take on the tagline portraying the craving for Pepsi makes you want it 'now'.

Crash The Pepsi IPL on the other hand, remains one of the most successful UGC campaigns. Launched at the YouTube FanFest, the campaign encouraged viewers to make a video advert and upload it to the Crash The Pepsi IPL website, anybody could do it, and the winners would be the official video adverts.

Maneesha Khanna, Associate Director, then Global Procurement, Media Centre Of Excellence - India, Pepsico mentioned that the brand going out to film schools, doing outreach programs with YouTube creators, and all other programs helped them seed the concept very effectively.

Anshul Khanna, then Director Of Marketing - Pepsi, Pepsico - India Region, shared the brand trended nationally for some seven or eight days, in a crowded environment like the IPL, and they were also able to reach the right set of consumers in an authentic manner.

Sip through more of such prominent campaigns by Pepsi that crashed the IPL.

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Oh Yes Abhi Ft. Ranbir Kapoor

Oh Yes Abhi Ft. Priyanka Chopra

This is #GayleStorm



Crash The Pepsi IPL (Announcement)

Crash The Pepsi IPL - Rajma X Upma (Winners)

Pepsi Har Koi Jeetega

Socha Nahi Ji Gaya

Pepsi Treat

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