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Tuada Kutta Tommy

Brands have feelings too, and they're expressing them by drawing comparisons in the newfangled language of the topical trend Tuada Kutta Tommy.

Yashraj Mukhate did it again, successfully blowing the third topical wave this year, with his new video, Tuada Kutta Tommy. The pressure cooker in his Rasoda brought all the brands to the yard, he then got them snapping at the Biggini Shoot, now he's got them all sentimental.

In his new video he's back at it with his signature style, featuring snippets of Shehnaaz Gill from a TV Show with a rhythmic twist. The video was soon widely shared and viewed, boosted with the popularity of Shehnaaz it soon turned into a topical trend, with users and brands surfing on it.

Brands picked up on the popular bits of the video and the infamous one-liner 'Tuada Kutta Tommy! Sadda Kutta, Kutta?' and integrated their offerings, making their communication light-hearted (but heavy with feelings).

Few of the brands are also tapping relatable instances that surround their consumers, others maintained they care about each one of their consumers.

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