Twitter acquires Reshuffle to improve developer solutions

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Twitter Reshuffle

To continue developing and upgrading Twitter API developer solutions, the platform has acquired Reshuffle, to further advance their API project and work on areas such as product, engineering, and developer relations.

Reshuffle is an integration platform for developers, located in Silicon Valley. Following the acquisition, the commercial product will be wound down but Reshuffle will remain open source forever, and the team will be joining Twitter.

The platform will be building on ongoing projects such as Twitter API v2 (open in early access for developers), API product for academic researchers, functionalities on Twitter, and the overall developer experience, with contributions from the Reshuffle team.

Twitter mentions that the company is doubling down on its investment in building developer platforms with the acquisition of Reshuffle. Previously, the Reshuffle team had built an integration platform that enables developers to build workflows and connect systems using any API. The Twitter Developer Platform team in association with them intends to build a diverse and innovative developer ecosystem.

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Twitter has been on a roll with acquisitions this year. In January 2021, the platform announced the acquisitions of Revue and Breaker.

Breaker is a social podcast app that enables users to listen to podcasts, like, share, and comment on episodes and discover new podcasts from the community. In association with Twitter, Breaker will be working beyond the scope of traditional podcasts. The core members of Breaker joined the platform.

The platform acquired Revue, an editorial newsletter tool, to integrate its Pro features to aid writers on the platform in building and monetizing their audience, and streamline the process of editing and publishing newsletters for writers, build a subscriber base, and also make it easier for readers to discover relevant writers and content.

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