Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. Ariel, Apple & more

Social Samosa
May 28, 2021 14:02 IST
Social Media Campaigns

Here’s to another week of some magnificent social media campaigns rolled out along with editorial pieces by Social Samosa.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features Apple highlighting functions of the ATT feature, Ariel upholding the act of kindness against COVID-19, & more.


Ariel upholds an ‘Act of Kindness’ against Covid-19 in new campaign

Every burden feels lighter when it’s shared. With this thought, Ariel India has released a video capturing the stories of real heroes who are leading by example and doing more than their share during the pandemic. Read more here.

Long Reads

#TheSocialCMO Stickiest content comes from the southern belt with highest consumption: Avneesh Khosla, Vi

In conversation with Social Samosa, Avneesh Khosla from Vi speaks at length on the brand’s marketing strategy, the evolving role of telecom players in the pandemic, and how content is the hero of all things engagement with the changing consumer needs. Read more here.

How to set up Facebook & Instagram Shops

Moving businesses online can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. Here is a complete guide along with a step-by-step breakdown for setting up Facebook & Instagram Shops, and creative best practices. Read more here.

Expert Speak: The Second Wave of OTT-Theater dynamic – what can we expect?

A lot has been said about the OTT v/s theater debate with the answer more often than not being coexistence. But what to expect in this ‘Coexistence’, where are the viewers & what do they want? We take a look at this second wave of the OTT-theater dynamic. Read more here.

Save Your Tears: Billboard Music Awards’ content distribution model redefines ‘Awards’

Creating a good event or creating good content? Billboard Music Awards’ onsite & off-site performances lead to a viral content phenomenon on social media, underlying the importance of creating quality content that works independently & organically. Read more here.

Brand Saga: Cinthol’s Alive & Awesome marketing stance targetted at the contemporaries

The 68-year-old brand, Cinthol has evolved with time and now has been working towards the millennial gaze. In the second part of the Cinthol advertising journey, we dig deeper into its latest positioning ‘Alive is Awesome’ as the brand looks to crack the ‘cool’ quotient. Read more here.

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When cops turned F.R.I.E.N.D.S on social media

As fans across the world gear up for the Friends Reunion, Social Samosa lists instances where the show was a muse for cops on social media and over the years has been marketing fodder. Read more here.

Take a dose of glucose with these Glucon-D ads to beat the summer blues

Glucon-D as an instant energy drink has enjoyed a great recall value owing to entertaining ad campaigns centered around the theme of unbearable summer heat. We bring you some of the iconic ads that work for the brand even years later. Read more here.

Can I interest you in a few F.R.I.E.N.D.S The Reunion creatives?

These days life’s a moo point, and we don’t even have a pla, but supposably F.R.I.E.N.D.S are back at Central Perk to uplift us, and we know that you know topical trends are brand creatives’ lobster, they mate for life. Read more here.

Brand creatives revolve around #SunHalo

In these discouraging times, one can find solace in the smallest of things, or the brightest of rings, and brand creatives go through the prism of happiness and display vivid colors, reflecting the #SunHalo. Read more here.

Brand creatives drive awareness on COVID-19 vaccination & double masking

The two novel and significant safety measures that have come up in the fight against COVID-19 are vaccination and double masking, and brand creatives highlight these practices in ingenious ways. Read more here.

Global Samosa

NBA’s latest campaign captures moments that keep basketball fans united

With the launch of ‘That’s Game’, NBA highlights what happens in the court, in communities across the globe, and in the culture of basketball at large, uniting fans into one large army. Read more here.

Apple privacy ad highlights functions of a new feature

With the tagline that says, “Privacy. That’s iPhone” in its new ad, Apple introduces the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature on iOS. Read more here.

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