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Here’s to another week of social media campaigns rolled out along with editorial pieces by Social Samosa.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features Dettol fortifying provisions against Covid-19, Google reuniting humanity with alluring stories, and more.


Dettol fortifies provisions against COVID-19 in new campaign

Dettol’s message reiterates the criticality of good habits like hand hygiene, wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and vaccination to take on the menace of COVID-19. Read more here.

When The Family Man’s Srikant Tiwari ventured out on a social media job hunt

As Amazon Prime Video’s The Family Man Season 2 inches closer to the release date, the main character Srikant Tiwari is busy playing the interviewee, with the job hunt of a lifetime, engaging with leading startups and entrepreneurs on the way. Read more here.

Toaster India & Google Search unveil PSA campaign around vaccination

The campaign titled #GetTheFacts aims to educate users about verified information around COVID-19 vaccines on Google Search. Read more here.

Dabur Hajmola asks people to make home your fort in latest campaign

Through the social media campaign, Dabur Hajmola requests people to be safe and aims to raise awareness about being stress-free while staying at home. Read more here.

Long Reads

From Band to Brand: The explosive success of BTS

Streaming through their map of endorsements, brand partnerships, social media following, and global hits whose popularity led to skyrocketing sales for brand partners, presenting the ultimate endorser – BTS. Read more here.

Brand Saga: How Google India reunited humanity with alluring stories

Showcasing tales that would melt your heart, the Google India advertising journey has been all things incredible. Taking a detour, we relook at the search engine’s marketing saga. Read more here.

Keeping the mystery alive: The role of marketing strategy in The Family Man Season 2

Taking cues from the last season, the Family Man Season 2 marketing strategy is a mix of content and influencer marketing with Srikant Tiwari at the helm, keeping curiosity around all the open ends of Season 1 going. Read more here.

ASCI Influencer Marketing Guidelines: The Benefits, Concerns, & Solutions

In conversation with agency custodians, creators, and an ASCI member, Social Samosa deciphers the whats, whens, and hows, of the benefits, concerns, and solutions relating to the new Influencer Marketing Guidelines. Read more here.

Scroll Through

All you need to know about the PETA India & Amul row over dairy-vegan milk debate

In what can be simply put as the ‘dairy v/s vegan milk’ debate, Amul’s RS Sodhi responded to PETA India’s suggestion of switching to vegan milk production, escalating the row that came under limelight post-Amul’s myth-busting print ad. Read more here.

A beginner’s guide to Facebook & LinkedIn lead generation campaigns

If you want to understand your customers through relevant information that can be used for targeting and retargeting, social media lead generation campaigns can be the answer. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set lead-gen campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn. Read more here.

Global Samosa

Global COVID-19 Vaccine Campaigns that hit the viewers with their best shots

Taking a jab at hesitancy around COVID-19 Vaccine, global brand campaigns inject the positives of bringing life back to normal. Read more here.

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