Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. Vicks, Hershey's & more

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Social Media Campaigns

Here’s to another week of some magnificent social media campaigns rolled out along with editorial pieces by Social Samosa.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week feature the social media campaigns of Vicks bringing back #TouchOfCare to honor doctors, Hershey's campaign to address kids, and many more.

Social Media Campaigns

Hershey’s new campaign addresses its core audience, kids

The campaign film shows how kids have kept themselves busy by learning new skills and keeping the small joys of life alive and the role of Hershey’s in it. Read more here.

Vicks brings back #TouchOfCare to honour doctors

In the third edition of #TouchOfCare, a tribute to the Doctors’ community across the nation, Vicks underscores the powerful impact of care through the real-life extraordinary story of the late Dr. Dnyaneshwar Bhosale. Read more here.

MakeMyTrip’s new campaign encourages vaccination before vacation

Two adorable kids bring out the significance of the most impactful trip of 2021 and paint a picture of how this trip would affect all our vacation plans in the new campaign by MakeMyTrip. Read more here.

Long Reads

Gaming Influencers: Why brands need to focus on tapping the power of this community

In conversation with India’s top gaming influencers and the founder of a talent management organization, Social Samosa deciphers how brands and advertisers can penetrate a loyal community with native content. Read more here.

5 key takeaways from creators on Content Diversification

The creator community sheds light on how content diversification is the key and that every social media platform requires a unique approach for the unique set of audience it caters to. Read more here.

Varun Duggirala on the Audio Content Revolution for brands & creators

Varun Duggirala sheds light on the rise of audio content in India, the content revolution through audio streaming platforms, and what it means for brands and creators who wish to be a part of this wave. Read more here.

Language, Video & AI: Ajit Varghese on creating value in a social world

Social Samosa decrypts factors such as AI, language, and video fueling the rapid expansion of the social media ecosystem and the marketing opportunities that unfurl with this growth. Read more here.

Future of E-Commerce: Nitin Chopra on what’s in store for Marketers & Entrepreneurs

While e-commerce has always been on a rise, the pandemic gave it a huge boost. Given the digital acceleration since the last year, businesses moved online in an unprecedented way. Facebook India’s Nitin Chopra puts the spotlight on key eCommerce marketing trends and innovations that shaped the category. Read more here.

Brand Saga: Air India, eight decades of being the ‘Maharajah’ of advertising

From introducing us to the iconic Maharajah to creating the ‘Truly Indian’ brand image, the Air India advertising journey has been a major part of the airline company’s success story. We take a detailed look at the marketing saga. Read more here.

Decoding revolution of content ecosystem on YouTube Ft. Aman Malhotra

In conversation with Social Samosa, Aman Malhotra delves into the evolving content ecosystem on YouTube and the ways to leverage the medium for achieving optimum results. Read more here.

Content Marketing Economy: Then v/s Now ft. Devaiah Bopanna

As we witness an evolution in the landscape of content marketing, Devaiah Bopanna draws parallels between how has content marketing economy changed in the last few years and what it means for brands and creators, today. Read more here.

Scroll Through

7 Tips to make your brand more conversational on social media

Making brand communication conversational can help businesses stand out amidst the clutter of food images and cat videos. Read more here.

The Rise Of Social Audio: Preetha Athrey of Twitter on how to ace Spaces

Live Social Audio has made a loud entrance in the Indian Market, here we look through how the noise generated to understand if it is audible enough to attract substantial amounts of users, how brands can find their voice, and tips for hosts. Preetha Athrey of Twitter India opens up. Read more here.

Are Social Media Admins the new Brand Ambassadors?

Social media admins are the intermediaries that connect the brand to its online audience, but here we explore if they have a bigger role than uploading posts. Read more here.

Global Samosa

A look at Victoria’s Secret rebranding initiative that advocates body inclusivity

Aiming to promote inclusivity, Victoria’s Secret has launched a body-positivity initiative alongside releasing its VS collection to overcome the stereotypical angelic imagery of women and stand up for women empowerment. Read more here.

Snapchatters can now dress their Bitmojis in staple looks from Adidas

This collaboration aims to grow the future of streetwear culture with the next generation of Snapchatters, by offering users a creative and fun way to express themselves digitally with their friends. Read more here.

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