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Here’s to another week of social media campaigns rolled out along with editorial pieces by Social Samosa.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features toothsi campaign, Urban Company social media strategy, Children's day campaigns, and more.

Social Media Campaigns

#GentlemanInYou: The Man Company celebrates International Men’s Day with an integral message

Homegrown men’s grooming essential brand, The Man Company, rolled out the extension to their 2019 " target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">campaign ‘Gentleman Kise Kehte Hai’ with the insight that a true gentleman doesn’t wear a superhero cape or carry a godly hammer with lightning-thunder power. Read more here.

Bhuvan Bam shares the tropes of being a man in MensXP Campaign

For International Men’s Day, MensXP collaborated with Bhuvan Bam to talk about the misconceptions and cultural tropes that men fall prey to, as part of the brand’s #DontManUp campaign. Read more here.

OnePlus India ditches the ‘cliché advertising’ this Diwali

What would a typical Diwali ad look like – full of lights, sweets, and some good-natured pay-it-forward spirit? This festive season campaign OnePlus took a break from emotion-led storytelling to deliver #SimplyDiwali with direct communication around their best offers. Read more here.

LinkedIn rolls out Phase II of #FindTheBalance highlighting the significance of well-being in remote working

Through a closer look at the details of the individual journeys of the subjects, the campaign by Linkedin aims to inspire professionals to find a new perspective, a new idea of balance, urging them to look beyond their professional lives, embrace their personal identities, and reconnect with their loved ones, colleagues, and friends. Read more here.

How OnePlus took an O2O approach this Diwali with #YourFestiveShot

To bring the moments from the festival of lights to life, OnePlus released the #YourFestiveShot campaign, aiming to help users the festive joy through an online-to-offline initiative. Read more here.

toothsi’s unconventional take at branding presents new era of advertising

Arjun Kapoor is furious that toothsi’s clear aligners did not exist in his teenage years. In the brand’s recent campaign, Kapoor shares a candid version of why clear aligners are the way to go. Read more here.

The infamous ‘gulab-jamun uncle’ features in MFine’s campaign

Conceived by Mullen Lintas Bangalore, the campaign anchors on humor and surprise to build consideration and top-of-the-mind recall for the brand. Read more here.

In-Depth Features

RPSG’s Yogesh Tiwari on debunking myths around nature-based products through strategic marketing

With the launch of the new product range Naturali, RPSG aims to strengthen its digital presence with a significant focus on building the influencer community for the brand. Yogesh Tiwari sheds more light on the company’s marketing plan. Read more here.

Content Collaborations: Government bodies work with publishers & influencers to push tourism

Social Samosa lists key fundamentals of content created through collaborations with influencers, publishers, and OTT platforms as seen in 2021, highlighting how they make an integral part of tourism communication strategy. Read more here.

Driving Conversations & Cultural Capital: Urban Company social media strategy ft. Tarun Menon

With inputs from Tarun Menon, we decode the Urban Company social media strategy, understanding the inner working of the brand’s marketing blueprint focussed on dealing with a diverse audience in the post-pandemic world. Read more here.

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Children’s Day creatives revive the simpler times

Adulting during a pandemic may not be a cakewalk but celebrating the better times Children’s Day 2021 creatives have arrived to take us back in time where we don’t have to act grown up. Read more here.

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